The Worst of all creation-Grave Worship !

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The Worst of all creation-Grave Worship !

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8:22 The worst of created beings in the Sight of God are the deaf and the dumb, those
who do not use their intellect.

Warning to sufis !
7:188 Say, 'I do not even have the power to benefit myself or to avert harm from myself, contrary to the Laws of God. If I had the knowledge of the Unseen, I would have amassed abundant fortune, and no adversity would have touched me. I am but a warner and a bearer of good news for those who have faith.'

46:9 Say, 'I am not the first of the Messengers, nor do I know what will be done with me or with you. I do but follow what is revealed to me, and I am but a plain warner.'

The Divine Law of Requital is inevitable, unchangeable and completely impartial for all individuals and nations. Requital in fact stands for Just Recompense (Jaza), and not for chastisement. Simply put, the Law of Requital is, 'As you sow, so shall you reap.' Our actions carry along with them their built-in logical consequences. So, as the Qur'an frequently reminds, we
begin to make our Hell or paradise with our own hands right in this world. 'Pie in the Sky' is a dogma foreign and alien to the Qur'an.

Watan Ki Fikar Kar Nadan! Musibat Ane Wali Hai
Teri Barbadiyon Ke Mashware Hain Asmanon Mein

Think of the homeland, O ignorant one! Hard times are coming
Conspiracies for your destruction are afoot in the heavens

Zara Dekh Uss Ko Jo Kuch Ho Raha Hai, Hone Wala Hai
Dhara Kya Hai Bhala Ehd-e-Kuhan Ki Dastnon Mein

Pay attention to what is happening and what is going to happen
What good there is in repeating the tales of the old glories?

Ye Aaeen-e-Qudrat Hai, Yehi Asloob-e-Fitrat Hai
Jo Hai Rah-e-Amal Mein Gaamzan, Mehboob-e-Fitrat Hai

This is the law of Nature, this is the order of Nature
Those who tread dynamism’s path, are the darlings of Nature

Zameen Kya, Asman Bhi Teri Kaj Beeni Pe Rota Hai
Ghazab Hai Satar-e-Quran Ko Chalipa Kar Diya Tu Ne !

Not only the earth even the sky is bewailing your imprudence
It is outrageous that you have twisted the Qur’an’s lines!

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