Ghamidi Ghalib - Is Islam a fired gun?

What is the Deen, System of Life, according to the Quran, and how and why is Islam a challenge to Religion?
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Ghamidi Ghalib - Is Islam a fired gun?

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Mu'min brother Mubashir,

I watched the 2:28:22 hours long video and enjoyed it.

Yes, he is letting himself be strayed by the Bible.

I know Ghamidi Saheb quite well now and respect his study, good intentions and gentleman-ship. My comments on him are always unbiased.

Amazingly, in many of his lectures as this one, he portrays the tampered Bible as authentic as the Qur'an!

He is awestruck even by the last book of the New Testament, REVELATION (Yuhanna ka Makaashifah). Great Biblical scholars have continued to criticize REVELATION as the most incomprehensible and confused writing in world literature.

Ghamidi reminds me of Mirza Ghalib. You might be familiar with the story :-) After the foiled Freedom Struggle from the British (Mutiny of 1857 in India) Ghalib was brought before the British Lt Col in Delhi who asked him, "Well, well, you Musalman?" Ghalib replied, "Aadha" (Half). "What?" exclaimed the colonel. "Sharaab peeta hooN, sooer nahiN khaata." (I drink alcohol, I do not eat pork).

Ghamidi Saheb is still very much loyal to N2I although he is much more enlightened than the classical Mullah. At 33.00 Minutes in the video he frankly contradicts the Glorious Qur'an, the least of which is "Muslims (and thus Islam) have already outlived their time." The gun has been fired.

He steals the names of the sons of Prophet Noah as mentioned in the Bible. He believes in the mythical Great Flood destroying the whole planet and the current human races descending from the four sons: Ham (Negroid race), Shem (Semites - Arabs), Japheth (Caucasians), Yam (Yellow race - Mongols). According to Ghamidi, the Yellow race, especially the Chinese and Japanese will soon emerge to rule the world and destroy human civilization especially the already dead Muslims :-)

Dear brother,

I am extremely grateful to you for diving and picking pearls from the deep seas.

A lifelong student
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