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Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2015 3:34 pm
by Dr. Shabbir
Let us wish HAPPY WAITING to all those who are waiting for a Redeemer to come, make them dominate all other religions and finally turn our planet into Paradise - the Kingdom of God on earth.

I salute the Master 'Waiters' whether Muslims (Mahdi & Jesus), Christians (Jesus), Jews (Messiah), Hindus (Kalki Awtaar), Jains (Tri Thankra Mahavira), Buddhists (Meeta), Parsis-Zoroastrians (Mithra)!

I salute them again for their stamina of waiting. Did you ever wait for your boy-friend/girl-friend? If yes, you know how consuming and draining the few hours wait could be :-)

Our Master Waiters have been waiting for centuries and millennia! Jews win the trophy, for, they have been waiting since the eras before Christ. Do you know which group considers "Waiting" as the best form of worship?