Predictions For 2009 - Karl Schwarz 1/1/09

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Predictions For 2009 - Karl Schwarz 1/1/09

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January 1, 2009...5:39 pm
Schwarz - Predictions For 2009

By Karl Schwarz

Now that the axiom ‘Greed is Good’ is being systematically disproven, this essay is pretty much my sign-off for one of the most pathetic years in US history. I am a true American patriot and watching what is going on in my homeland is about as much fun as sitting in a hospital and watching a loved one die.

It was all so avoidable, but America has cancer and it seems to be terminal.

I would like to believe that things are going to turn around for the US economy but all indicators are that things are going to be getting much worse in 2009 and maybe into 2010 as well. The ripple effect, or domino effect if you prefer, is now cascading against America and has built up to a crescendo of being one tsunami of bad news after another and a bad backlash towards America, the policies of our government and the fraud therein.

What we are seeing is a failure of leadership mixed with a failure of common sense and morality.

We have the Zionist Jew con artist Bernard Madoff ripping off $50 to $100 billion, and critics are justifiably coming out everywhere. Of course, we have the myopic hate-monger Abe Foxman at ADL, Zionist Jew and Christian hater that he is, calling the Madoff critics ‘anti-Semites’. No, people are livid and taking umbrage at one of the great thieves in modern history, and the just criticism has nothing to do with what religion Madoff allegedly practices.

What is obvious is he has no integrity, no honor, no ethics and is a Zionist Jew thief. Even when Michael Milken was arrested, prosecuted and sent to prison he claimed the anti-Semitic forces were out to get him. No, it was just the law with a good case against a damned Zionist Jew thief.

To be frank about it, Madoff has the appearance of being of Khazar descent and the Khazars were not then, and are not now, Semitic people. Get it? If anyone is spewing out hate in the middle of the Madoff debate it is Abe

Foxman over at ADL. I would be glad if Foxman packed his fat Kosher ass up and moved to Israel.

The Khazars in Tel Aviv are a perfect example of what ‘anti- Semitic’ looks like. Behold Gaza and the Palestinians. They are true Semitic people and their murderers are essentially of Khazar descent...people who chose to be called

‘Jewish’ in the 7th Century AD. They are not Jewish by birth, nor are they a Semitic people genetically.

They are SATANIC and it will be a great day in America when these Christian Zionist morons wake their stupid butts up and understand they are supporting a Satanic, genocidal power cult.

In retrospect, what is a $50 to $100 billion scam by a Zionist Jew, perpetrated on mostly other Zionist Jews, in the midst of this multi-trillion scam and fraud being played out right now in DC and Wall Street?

Impunity is impunity, fraud is fraud, and thievery is thievery. Does the amount really matter any more?

America flourished in the Industrial Revolution mainly because of three things: sheer resources, being in the right place of history at the right time, and the heroic work ethic of Americans. Those days are over.

America flourished in the IT Revolution mainly because of three things; economic might, intellectual property (even when stolen from other nations through the auspices of our CIA) and the opening of cheap labor markets such as China. Those days are over, too.

What our leaders have managed to do is wreck America by pretending that cheap labor markets and a consumer-consumption based US economy would not turn America into a cheap labor market. That is part of a White Cracker Supremacy mentality that I find so distasteful about my homeland and its pals over in London. Other nations have the same rights to life, liberty, prosperity, nice homes, nice car, etc, as Americans. Over time, this consumerism economy and reliance on cheap labor markets has literally gutted the industrial might of America. The world changed and Americans just kept shopping, thinking the party was just warming up. No, the party is over.

What is next on the horizon is the Nanotechnology Revolution. It will take a lot of brain power to excel in the next wave to hit mankind and I clearly see that America seems to be getting dumber and less in touch with reality with each passing day. A nation cannot move up when its population is moving down. That would take real leadership and DC is bereft of that.

When you combine where the rest of the world is headed in the Nanotechnology Revolution and the fact that the US has buried itself in over $8 trillion in official debt chasing foolish ‘pipedreams’ (literally), and now over $8 trillion in bailout for thieves, liars, thugs, charlatans, etc, America is obviously sliding backwards and will miss much of the next wave that builds true wealth and economic dominance. The EU, China and Russia are surging ahead in nanotechnology and that does not bode well for America.

I figure the total bailout will top $20 trillion as more bad news is revealed in 2009. That is $20 trillion dumped on top of the $8 to $10 trillion these idiots in DC blew on a fake Global War on Terror and plastering their lousy names on Federally-funded buildings and highways all over America as permanent monuments to stupidity. Remember Bert Lance, Carter Administration, and the big BCCI banking scam? Well, part of I-75 going north from Atlanta to Chattanooga is the ‘Bert Lance Highway’. We even name highways to honor our criminals and scumbags.

The old saying ‘when the going gets tough the tough gets going’ no longer applies. The new axiom in America, sadly, is when the going gets tough there are more victims to whine and more wards of the Federal state.

There are some givens that do not need a prediction. The housing bubble will continue to implode, foreclosures will continue like bulldozers rumbling through the heart of America. About the only ‘up’ market is in apartments for the former homeowners. The escalation of car repossessions will escalate, too. Credit card defaults will skyrocket and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that ‘credit card’ and ‘income’ are not synonymous. That is yet another bubble that is about to blow up in the face of Americans.

Home equity, that measure of part of ‘net worth’, will continue to decline. Some will figure out that Home Equity Loan, or HEL is just one letter away from HELL. Hmm, home equity loan is not income, credit cards are not income...what’s up with that?

Housing starts are at a 50 year low, all three major US automakers are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and new jobless claims are at a 26 year high. Home values dropped another 18% in just the month of October.

The ‘economy-saving’ Christmas sales were down 20% before Christmas and up to 90% discounts being offered no product after Christmas is not a good sign. Many retailers will fold soon through Chapter 11 reorganization or Chapter 7 liquidation. Major commercial office buildings and malls...will soon be ghost towns.

I would like to say that 2009 will be better but that would be lying to you... just like the MSM, Wall Street and DC cretins lie to you. America needs to face the truth and take stock on how serious the current predicament truly is. It is potentially fatal to America.

Is that diagnosis clear enough to understand?

So what if gasoline is cheaper? The rest of the nation has been raped and is in shambles. Most of the US states are facing bankruptcy and either curtailment or cessation of basic services. Many American families are in financial shambles, too.

Of course, DC will continue to bail out the banksters, gangsters and thugs and forget that you even exist. No nation is buying up this new debt because it is not new debt. It is merely printing money to handover to these lying, greedy, thieving bastards on Wall Street, major banks, DC, etc.

Many Americans will suddenly wake up one day and realize that the US cannot keep printing money, waging contrived wars without completely bankrupting America. The country is already bankrupt, in fact, but many Americans have not figured that out yet. They will in time.

In time, most Americans will come to realize that the United States is bankrupt in every way there is to be bankrupt. That includes finance, income, balance of income versus outflow, balance of trade, morals, honor, integrity, propriety, etc.

The rest of the world has already figured out that one nation (America) consuming 25% of the world energy supplies and producing less and less each year is not a survivable business model. No nation can run a perpetual trade deficit and not bankrupt itself.

Of course, that unsecured money causes deflation and that has already set in and will continue to erode the wealth of America all the way down to your assets.

Of course, America is like a seething time bomb that may well erupt into civil riots and possibly escalating into a civil war over money, food, indifference of these cretins in Washington DC as to the harm they have done with their pathetic leadership. I figure there will be three camps in America, the shrill whiners (70%), the yawning spectators (25%) and the angry rioters (5%) fed up with the lies and assassination of America.

First, I predict that Americans will finally figure out that these two men are pea-brained, dickhead traitors against America. If I was president, the Federal Reserve would be abolished, most of its governors under arrest starting with these two marionettes. There would be the audit of the millennium over at the Federal Reserve.

Second, I predict that by Valentine’s Day some MSM talking head is going to either slip up (or find his ethics) and admit that the US is in a full-fledged Greatest Depression. True unemployment in the US is probably closer to 12-15% right now and might reach the 25-30% range. Of course, the frauds in DC will continue to hold photo ops and tell Americans “don’t believe your lying eyes.... believe us”. That will wear so thin that many Americans will finally, maybe for the first time in their lives, see the Wizard of Oz behind the green curtain. Many will finally, thank God, figure out the extent that they have been lied to for at least the past 20 years. Many Americans will finally ‘get it’ that DC does not stand for rule of law, it stands for, promotes and completely endorses FRAUD and is quite anti-America.

Sadly, divorces will skyrocket in America because that unemployed husband and father cannot hand over cash or credit cards so the wife can go shop. She will cringe and become angry when she cannot go shop with her girlfriends and do her part to save consumption-based America.

Third, I predict by President’s Day Americans will be pulling their hair out and kicking their own butts, beating their heads against the wall that they were so stupid to have fallen for Barack Obama’s false advertising of “Change we can believe in”. Stay tuned, because Abe Foxman will probably call the Obama critics and haters ‘anti-Semites’, too. Watch for ADL and SHRILL.

Fourth, I predict by Memorial Day the lunatic Barky Afghanistan Surge (that includes hostilities against Pakistan for a pipeline too far) is going to turn into a full-fledged conflagration and Americans had better be prepared for the escalation of body bags, aluminum caskets and dead American soldiers. Barky will learn quickly why no empire in the history of the world has ever subjugated the Afghan people. Alexander the Great could not, Genghis Khan could not, the British Empire could not, and the USSR could not. Barky is next go get his ass kicked and have to go home licking what is left of it. Many US soldiers will make it a casket.

My next essay is a parody, a transcript of a National Security Council meeting. Maybe if you see humor you will better understand what the Obama Agenda is all about.

Fifth, I predict by the Fourth of July many Americans will finally figure out that they are not free any more. We have a federal government that is a worse tyranny than the one which started the Revolutionary War in 1776. Many Americans might go back and read the Declaration of Independence for the first time in their life and finally realize that it is time for the Second American Revolution. If you wake up one morning and there is a coup in progress to flush the toilet in DC, support it. It may be your only salvation and chance to save America. Patriots and ‘terrorists’ will take back America from this evil cabal. I might write an essay on that soon.

Sixth, I predict by Labor Day many Americans are going to resign themselves to a simple fact. The labors of their entire lives have simply disappeared in a mere 3 to 5 years due to the criminals and whores in Washington DC and Wall Street. Many more Americans will be unemployed so “labor” and “day” will take on the meaning of unemployed and sinking fast. (Do not hold your breath for that three million jobs Barky says he will create. What this idiot is about to put into play will create at least 10 million more unemployed.)

You can stop whining about 9-11 and those 3,000 who died that day. America died that day, too, and no, the Muslims were not behind that dastardly act.

Seventh, I predict by Halloween many Americans will take those rose- colored glasses off and notice on TV that they are looking at the true monsters, the true terrorists when they see the moving lips and flapping jaws of these thugs and scumbags in DC. Many will look at Barky and finally realize the man is a complete fraud. Just a slick talking marionette who has never done anything significant in his life except become the beige poster boy for the genocidal globalists he serves. His only ‘accomplishment’ in life was conning 60 million Americans to vote for him (CHANGE NOT) and over time they will hate him worse than George W Bush. (Just as Bill Clinton made Jimmy Carter smile to see a more pathetic president than Carter, Barky will have Bush smirking that America elected a bigger dumbass prick than George Bush.)

Eighth, I predict by Thanksgiving about 50% of America will figure out they have nothing to be thankful for any more, other than life, and that they are not being charged (yet) to breathe. The paint is peeling off DC fast and even faster on the nation as a whole. Reality is coming home to roost and it is one very ugly bitch.

Ninth, I predict by Christmas many Americans will not want electronic toys and the latest fads the marketing machine tries to get you to buy. My bet is most Americans will want guns for Christmas and finally realize that their true enemies are inside of our gates. They are parked in DC and Wall Street and have raped our nation blind.

Tenth, I predict by New Year’s Eve, many Americans will realize that 2010 is a mid-term election year, 2009 was far worse than 2008, and it is time to send DC home. As many as possible, rid DC of these morons, liars, thieves and traitors and send them home. Some will even come to the realization that their new home should be prison, not just losing their office and committee seats in DC in November 2010.

All indicators are that things are going to get much worse in 2009. The Federal Reserve cannot print enough money without pushing America to second or third world status. The elected and appointed leaders in DC are not for America, they are front people for the cabal. Expect no help from them because they truly could not care less if you live or die.

The bank robbery is in progress and they want you to keep that head in a dark place and miss what they are really up to.

When Americans add it all up and assess the damage, that might be the epiphany that it takes to get America angry and take action for a change and I mean real action and real change.

So, remember where that life jacket is. You might want to take up gardening and canning this year and raise all the food you can.

Good luck,

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