This British young lady was fed up with N2I

Here we will show what Islam is not and how it is refuted by the Quranic Message.
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This British young lady was fed up with N2I

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Respected Sister, Salamun alaikum!

I congratulate you on your firmness of IMAN. Along with my Quran translation & explanation (THE QURAN AS IT EXPLAINS ITSELF - QXP), I will choose for you 4-5 other little books and In-Sha-Allah the clear ultimate Truth will put your mind and heart at total ease.

The man-made Islam disturbs you a great deal. This is a sign of a rational, thinking mind that you are blessed with.

The mailing cost to UK is high but I will discount the books as much as possible, if you want.

The best way is using a credit card.

Please call me now or any time at 954-746-2115.

May Allah bless you!

Your sincere brother,

Dr. Shabbir


Assalamu alai kom,

My name is K.Z. and after speaking with some friends about my faith, they have shown me some examples of your work. I was hoping that you may be able to recommend some books that would be of benefit in my current situation, please let me briefly explain.

I converted to Islam four years ago alongside marrying my husband (from morocco) through choice as I had previously studied the religion for GCSE, although not in fine detail. I was 19 years of age when this all happened and at the time felt content perhaps due to the novelty. I then had my first child and moved into our own home at which point I decided to follow the Hijab (in hindsight i believe that this was to make my husband happy and through reading the same material which drummed into me that it was the right thing to do). When I was pregnant with my second child a year later, I realised that I was unhappy and started to re-discover the person that had practically disappeared from the day that I married, that being myself. I stopped wearing the scarf and after the birth of my second child even failed to complete my 5 prayers and started to feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied with the way that my islam was being portrayed although I still accepted the fundamentals, it was the details that put me off! I am now at the point where I feel stronger than ever in myself and my personality but because of what I did do (following the ritualistic, man-made (emphasis being on the word man, religion), my marriage is suffering and I still feel empty although I know that islam is undoubtedly the correct path.

I would like to order a quran as mine are both quite complicated to understand and may have cultural inserts also. I am also looking for anything that will educate me in a positive, enlightening way as most books I pick up just boil my blood due to the sheer ignorance and primative ideas (particularly where women are concerned). I believe that the main purpose of our beloved prophet was to bring peace and love to everyones hearts through the quran and all I see nowadays in the muslims I know is fear, hypocrisy and double standards. Also I hope to gradually introduce my husband to your work, this will however take time as he is a born and bred muslim.

Please let me know your recommendations and how to order, I live in ---, England.

Kindest regards


Wa alaikum Assalam, dear daughter in Islam,

The honor and pleasure is mine. In-Sha-Allah you will soon have the right knowledge of Islam, so much so that you will be delighted by its beauty and feel completely at ease with all aspects of our Deen. In addition, you will be able to convey Islam to people, answer questions with confidence and dispel all fabrications.

I suggest that you study all the small books first and the Quran later.

The package will include:

WHO WROTE THE QURAN? (Includes a lovely biography of the exalted prophet)

Please never hesitate to ask me any questions.

May Allah bless you and my son in Islam, your generous husband, in both lives!

Uncle Shabbir Ahmed



Assulamo alaykoum,

Uncle, it was a true honour to speak to you in person, may allah reward you for your wonderful work.
Just to confirm the details as per our conversation The full address:


The phone number: ----

jazak allah
Your daughter in Islam, ----
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