Mohammad Shaikh Calls Mary A Hermaphrodite!

Here we will show what Islam is not and how it is refuted by the Quranic Message.
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Mohammad Shaikh Calls Mary A Hermaphrodite!

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Here is the silliest explanation of "Virgin Birth" I ever heard.




Mohtrum Doctor Saab,

Remember that Mohammad Shaikh? from iipc tv, I just visited his a very wiered video, Mary / Maryam,

He is calling Maryam a DUAL SEX and trying to prove his ignorence from Quran, Do you still has contect with him? if you do, He is lost, please guide him.

Omar Nasir

Muhtaram, Azizam Bhai Saheb, AA

I stopped wasting my time on him long time ago because of much nonsense I heard him speaking.

I heard your link for more than one hour :-)

Calling Mary an intersex, hermaphrodite, dual sex is a ridiculous insult. Sheikh is distorting the Qur'an here.

HA (for female) applies to Mary, but FEEHI (for male) applies to the fetus Jesus, the NAFS inside.

Do you think he will admit this one of his hundreds of faults?

6:101 Wonderful Originator of the heavens and earth; how can He have a son when He never chose for Himself a mate? He creates all things (and does not procreate 112:3.) and He is the Profound Knower of all things and events. [So, how could Mary have a son without a mate? Amazingly, three of the four gospels mention Joseph the Carpenter as the father of Jesus.]
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