Quran Learning Software-Recital with Transliteration

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Quran Learning Software-Recital with Transliteration

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Quran Reciter Software

QuranReciter (Freeware) - Features

-Complete Quran Recitation of Sa'd Al-Ghamdi

-Two different modes, Range Mode (for reciting a set of verses) and Verse -Mode (for reciting verse by verse)

-Display of Arabic text and 3 different translation of the recited verse.(Picktal, Yusuf Ali and Shakir)

-Word by Word meaning display for Amma Juz' (Sura 78 to 114)

-Recitation can be configured to recite a set of verse any number of times for memorisation (Press Ctrl+R for recitation option)

-Completely linked with the quran index available at
www.quran-hadith-index.com .

-Quick verse navigation : Press "S" followed by sura number and "V" followed by Verse number to Navigate to a particular verse

-First completely free Quran software in Internet with full Quran Audio
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