The Fake Story of Shortening of “Worship Prayer”- QASR MIN AS-SALAAT + A GIFT IN URDU

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The Fake Story of Shortening of “Worship Prayer”- QASR MIN AS-SALAAT + A GIFT IN URDU

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The Fake Story of Shortening of “Worship Prayer”- QASR MIN AS-SALAAT
Aurangzaib Yousufzai – July 2017 Thematic QuranicTranslation Series Installment 15 (IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE) Rationally re-translated from Chapter Al-Nisaa
This latest research consists of a strict linguistic and rational translation of Verses 101 to 104 from the Chapter An-Nisaa of Al-Quran. In all available tradition-infested translations, this content deceives us by showing a purely concocted commentary which seems to allow shortening of the five-time prayer ritual called Salaat (also called Namaaz) during an ongoing battle. Thereby, it is indirectly, but rigorously, implied from this text by enemies of Islam that this worship ritual does exist in the Muslim faith.

Contrary to that, the context of the Verses under research displays no ongoing battle and no impending need to offer a prayer ritual right in the middle of it. Needless to mention that dismantling your armament and offering prayer in congregation during a face-to-face battle fought with swords and spears, would only be tantamount to an idiotic and disastrous step leading to a mass suicide. On the other hand, the philosophy of a worship ritual or its shortening (or widening whatsoever) is meaningless in the perspective of a fiercely operational armed movement that aimed at toppling the worst tyrannical regime of the Pagan Aristocracy of Western Arabia.

As a matter of fact, the Verses in question deal with the character and conduct of the faithful, particularly those who remained passive by taking it easy, in comparison with the others who forsook the domain of evil and strove hard for the sake of Allah’s plans (see previous Verses starting with Verse 95). Because the text is linked to this particular scenario, therefore, translation of words and 2 terminology also takes into consideration the same perspective, but adhering strictly with the root meanings and the utmost purity of God’s narrative. Here we mostly find important instructions as to what strategy should be adopted in pursuance of the fixed goals and in emergency situations and detailed emphasis are laid on combat training of those lagging behind.

Kindly bear in mind that against the backdrop of this research stands the false claim of traditional translations asserting that from this text the existence of traditional prayer ritual of “Namaaz” (Salaat) is fully corroborated and established; whereas, a deeper look around the context, and the narration itself, clearly proves that As-Salaat just cannot be misconstrued as a ritual worship. As-Salaat is the close pursuit of divine guidance or of the ordained mode of human conduct.

VERSE 3/101
“AND WHEN you eventually set off for a journey towards your goal
and you have reason to fear that those bent on denying the truth may cause you harm, you will incur no sin by desisting from open pursuit of divine discipline in self defense; for, verily, those who deny the truth are your open foes.”
Qaf-Sad-Ra = become short, have little or no power, become niggardly, fall
short, i.e. not to reach something, left/relinquish/abstain/desist/cease, took from its length, clip/shove, restricted/confined/limited, kept within certain bounds or limits, restrain/withheld, hinder/prevent, contract or draw oneself together, obedient, last part of day. qasr (pl. qusur) - ample and spacious house, castle, palace.

VERSE 3/102:

“And, O Messenger, when thou art among these faithful and have deputed them to carry out the divine commandments the proper way to that will be to let different contingents of them stay in your supervision turn by turn; and carry with them their weapons
so that when they have fully surrendered in obedience they must be enrolled in the ranks behind you and the other group who has not yet followed shall come forward to undergo the discipline in your company and, subsequently, take up defensive measures and remain armed
You should keep in mind that those who are bent on denying the truthwould love to see you oblivious of your weapons and related equipmentso that they might fall upon you in a surprise attack.
However, it shall not be wrong for you to lay down your weapons for a while if you are facing troubles like a shower of
arrows from above or encountering some other strategic weakness , and you need to take defensive measures for your safety
Verily, God has reserved a shameful suffering for those who deny the truth!”
Matar; that which falls upon you in mercy or in punishment; good or evil poured upon;hastening, quickening; raining; shower of water from skies.

VERSE NO.3/103:

“And when you have carried out your missionary responsibilities you must still keep inviting attention to the Divine Attributes of Allah while standing or sitting among people, and all around you. And when finally peace prevails then you must enforce the entire discipline of Divine Guidance. Verily the pursuit of the divinely ordained Discipline is a duty ِregarded as mandatory upon the faithful/peace keepers.”

VERSE 3/104:
“And do not show slackness in seeking out the enemy concentrations. If you feel you are suffering painful repercussions, then be it known that they are also facing the same fate as you. But you are in a better position of expecting a rewarding return from Allah, which they expect not. Rest assured that Allah is aware of all that you pass through and is a possessor of profound wisdom.

"The translation of “At-Tahiyyaat” which is recited at the end of NAMAAZ prayer is quite revealing. It is supposedly a dialogue between the holy Messenger and the God that took place on the occasion of the supposed episode of “Mi’raaj” ,(and by which the holy Messenger and the Almighty God are bidding peace and greetings to each other as well as upon the righteous subjects! Nobody can see any reason or necessity behind annexing this personal verbal exchange with the process of God’s worship! Then there is a chanting of “Durood-e-Ibrahimi” ( From where has it descended in the process of worship prayer called NAMAAZ, you can never find out as it is found nowhere in the entire text of Quran, just like the aforementioned “At-Tahiyyaat”
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Re: The Fake Story of Shortening of “Worship Prayer”- QASR MIN AS-SALAAT + A GIFT IN URDU

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Sayyiduna ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Umar (radiyallahu ‘anhuma) reports that Nabi (Sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said: “Allah Ta’ala will never allow my Ummah to unite upon misguidance, Allah Ta’ala’s assistance is with the group and whomsoever deviates from the group will be cast into the fire”.

(Sunan Tirmidhi, Hadith: 2167)

The above hadith has been reported via several other chains, and parts of the above narration are also supported by various authentic hadiths recorded in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim which have a similar meaning as the hadith in question.
“Never will God make my community agree on a wrong course.”'”Many Muslims conclude from this Tradition that whatever the community—or at least the majority within it—agrees upon must, under all circumstances, be the right course.'• But this conclusion is entirely unjustified. The above saying of the Prophet is negative, not positive. He meant exactly what he said: namely, that never would all Muslims pursue a wrong course, and that always there would be persons or groups among them who would disagree with
the erring ones and would insist on taking the right course.

ref :The Principles of State and Government in Islam -M.Asad page 38


“Muḥammad, there has been imposed upon you and your community the fasting of six months each year.” I remembered the sound advice of my brother Moses, so I petitioned, “My Lord, my community is weak, so reduce [this burden] for them. They are your servants, and you are merciful to those who believe in you.” God said, “Muḥammad, imposed upon you and your community are five ritual prayers each day and night, and the fasting of one month every year, the month of Ramaḍān. Are you content, Muḥammad?” I said, “Yes, my Lord and master, I am content, and beyond content.”

[REF:page 231]

narrating muḥammad's night journey

[copy and paste, no problem to download]
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Re: The Fake Story of Shortening of “Worship Prayer”- QASR MIN AS-SALAAT + A GIFT IN URDU

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Abdul Aziz bhai,
I believe there is a typo on the chapter numbers referenced in the original post – it should read as 4/101, 4/102, 4/103 and 4/104, instead of pointing to Chapter 3.

On 4:101, Auranzeb Yousufzai Sahab explains it as:

“detailed emphasis are laid on combat training of those lagging behind.”
However, there is no indication in the Quran on joining an active battle of those who earlier chose to sit back and remain passive. Secondly, an active battlefield is no place to hold training sessions to learn how to swing a sword or mount a mare.

The only plausible meaning from “taqsuru min as’salati” is shortening your Salaat congregations on delivering, accepting and concluding Divine Instructions as quickly as possible when there is a looming threat of enemy attack.

8:45 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Whenever you meet an army, be firm and remember God much, that you may be successful. [8:10]
8:46 Obey God and His Messenger (the Central Authority) and do not fall into disputation, lest you falter and lose your strength. Be steadfast, for certainly, God is with the steadfast.
8:47 Do not be like the disbelievers who come out of their homes boastfully and to show off, although they come forth to hinder people from the path of God. And God encompasses all their doings.

8:65 O Prophet! Inspire the believers (to conquer all fear of death) in times of war. If there be twenty of you who are patient in adversity, they will overcome two hundred, and if there be one hundred of you, they will overcome one thousand of the unbelievers since they are a people who do not understand (the eternal rewards).
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Re: The Fake Story of Shortening of “Worship Prayer”- QASR MIN AS-SALAAT + A GIFT IN URDU

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in one of the vlog of akhter sheerazi, he posted that he called aurangzeb for the first time , his wife told him that yusufzai passed away six months ago.
May Allah Grant him higher station in Janatul Firdaus. ... al-prayer/ ... the-quran/ ... the-quran/ ... invention/
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