Israelis and Taliban Separated at Birth?

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Israelis and Taliban Separated at Birth?

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Israelis and Taliban Separated at Birth?

"Don't tell the Taliban, but their ancestors may be Jewish." ... id=9535559

Pashtun my cousins-rabbi ... ost-tribe/

Pashtuns are jews ?

The Tradition of the Israelite Origin of the Pashtuns Dr Navras Jaat Aafreedi ... m-news.htm ... ban-299150 ... nd-talibs/ ... 03881.html

2cents rant from google
What does deoband (as in the city name or deobandi Muslim) mean? The Urdu explanation would be deo "monster" and band "bind, closed"; so one who binds a monster. Is this the correct explanation behind the name or does it originate in another language?

In Shahnameh, dîv-band (dêw-band) is the epithet of King Tahmures, because he defeated the demons (dîv) and tied them. These are the verses:
az îshân do bahre be afsûn bebast
degarshân be gorz-e gerân kard past
keshîdandeshân xaste o baste xvâr
be jân xvâstand ân zamân zînhâr
(With sorcery, he tied two groups of them, he slew the others with a heavy mace; they were dragged injured and tied, at that point in time, they asked for protection of their lives.) Tahmures accepts not to kill them and the demons teach him writing . [source sheikh google]
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