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Hot hot hot!

Post by 1RationalThinker »

Does anyone understand this Great Game that is being planned in the foreseeable future?
Do we need to wake up and secure Pakistan's stability, prosperity, and socio-economic progress?
Why it is so difficult to make the public UNDERSTAND what's at stake and what is being planned behind the recent polarization?🤔
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Re: Hot hot hot!

Post by jawaidahmed »

All countries are at the 'Great Game' of trying to change others to serve their own needs.
The weak and stupid will always be overcome, if not today, then tomorrow; it is inevitable when universal human rights are not implemented universally.

The majority of muslims are not 'muslim' by following the Islam Allah gave us, and as for Pakistan, that thief Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani, was elected recently so this epitomises the stupidity of the population, to name just one stupidity therein, and I have no sympathy, just regret that the inevitable will happen:

6:45 When nations violated human rights with their unjust systems they were uprooted (6:6, 7:129). God replaced them with people who were not like them (10:14, 11:57). You can understand that all praise in word and action belongs to the Lord of the Worlds. [His Rule is the Rule of laws 8:53, 13:11]
6:46 (The exploiters of the masses think that they are smarter, and therefore, they deserve to take advantage of people 28:76-82.) Say, “Will you think? If God took away your hearing and your sight and sealed up your hearts, which god other than God could restore them to you? Note how We explain the verses by various facets, and note how they still turn away.
6:47 Tell them that the punishment according to the laws of Requital, sneaks up or suddenly hits nations that are transgressors. Would any people perish unless they are oppressors of the masses? [Nations are not annihilated unless they violate human rights. [11:104, 11:117]
6:48 We have sent the Messengers only to give good news and to warn. Those who attain belief, mend their ways and work for social equity fulfilling the needs of others, will have nothing to fear nor will they have any regrets.
6:49 But those who deny Our revelations, retribution will afflict them, for they keep drifting from the secure path. [Retribution is a logical and built-in consequence of their wrongdoing. [7:147, 91:9-10]
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