One city one mosque

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One city one mosque

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Salat has been discussed umpteen times on this Forum. I have a question from a different angle. It appears that there used to be a single mosque in one city. Makkah, Madina, Cordova and all big Muslim cities had one central mosque where people gathered to resolve issues by discussing the solution available in the Quran. This related to all matters which the Abbassides converted to Namaz. Even Cordova had one mosque like Makkah and Madinah.
5 times Namaz has 45 Rakats. It means almost 1 Rakaat every 15 minutes with soecial emphasis on ablution.
The Abbassides also gave us Durood, Hadees and Rijal. All these things have bound us to the past and now we take pride in nostagic living with no desire to progress and move ahead with time. If mosque was meant for Namaz, then why was Masjid-e-Zarrar demolished ? If mosque is meant for offering Namaz for the sake of Sawaab, then it can be done in any mosque, Why demolish it ?. Needless to say that Namaz had not been ordained by that that time.
all the 4 things given to us by the Abbassides (Namaz, Durood, Hadees and Rijal) have stunted and stalled our growth as world leaders. The establishment of Salah coupled with Zakaat has been overtaken by rituals.
Kindly review it from a different angle and give your views. Old posts about Salaat should not be quoted,
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Re: One city one mosque

Post by jawaidahmed »

You have forgotten that in order to build a home in the hereafter you have to build a home for the mulla in this world, called mosque.

Are previous deceased generations now homeless in heaven because the generation before them already built their one mosque?

Masajid= place where those who submit to Allah put His Teachings into practice= council chamber, community centre, parliament.
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