Who raised The Exalted Messenger[as] and Ali [ra]

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Who raised The Exalted Messenger[as] and Ali [ra]

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The educated class, now a days, raises strongly the question as to who brought up the PROPHET(S.A). All Authors of SEERAH and HISTORY, Scholars and Sufies, as also those in the past, have been writing that after the death of ABDUL MUTTALIB the PROPHET(S.A.) was looked after by his real uncle ABU TAALIB.

" This is also supported by the event that a day after the birth of HADRAT ALI(Rd), the PROPHET(S.A.) told his uncle ABBAS(Rd), "Uncle. you know that my uncle ABU TAALIB is a poor man, why we should not adopt one of his sons each". ABBAS(Rd) agreed and adopted JAFAR(Rd) and the PROPHET(S.A.) adopted ALI(Rd). That was the time when the PROPHET(S.A.) had been married to KHADIJA(Rd) and his wife was supporting him. Under the circumstances he could not have done any better, with his uncle. Before marriage, the PROPHET(S.A.) had taken
upon himself the responsibility of ABU TAALIB and his family. Now he found this way of fulfilling it. The other two sons, TAALIB and AQEEL were now grown up. So this left on ABU.TAALIB, only the burden of his wife..All other responsibilities were taken off him.

Our Historians, should not now search in the history for a Guardian of the
PROPHET(S.A.), but should look for the supporter of ABU TAALIB and his two sons. they do so, they will carry out a very notable research job. "

Religous Stories-Facts or Fiction by Habibur Rahman Kendhalvi
pages 67-76

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kUa6Ml ... sp=sharing
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