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Salman Farsi

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Memebers of the Forum are requested to give their take on Salman Farsi. I feel that he had an important part to play in what we know as NAMAZ today. Over the years, a great deal has been written about SALAH and NAMAZ, but no authentic background has been presented about the role of Persians in it. As he was the first Persian to have gone to Arabia and converted to Islam, his role seems vital . Respected Dr. Sahab is requested to recommend any good book on this Sahabi and enlighten us about him.
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Re: Salman Farsi

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Respected Rafi Bhai Saheb,

I am still learning to use the new forum :-)

Hazrat Salman Farsi, having seen and experienced the cruel oppression of the masses under the Royal Persian Dynasty under Emperor Sherodiah, moved to Madinah in 624 CE and embraced Islam.



Following is the research of a fallible, lifelong student, Shabbir.

Allah commands us to ESTABLISH SALAAT (WA AQIMUSSALAT). Yet, most Muslims use words like 'performing', 'offering', 'saying', 'reading' and 'doing' SALAAT. These words and phrases make no sense.

In my humble opinion, translating SALAAT as prayers is a profound error. (Late) Dr. Rashad Khalifa of Arizona committed the newest grave error by translating SALAAT as "Contact Prayers"!

It is very important for us to remain consciously aware of the context. The same word used in the Qur'an (or in any other book) carries a different shade of meaning depending on the context.

SALAAT-IL-WUSTA means the Central Duty, and not the middle prayer or NAMAAZ-E-'ASR.

The ritual SALAAT or NAMAAZ is a VERY SMALL PART of the Qur'an-ordained "WA AQIMUSSALAAT". Here is some detail on the subject according to my humble understanding.

MIXING UP SALAAT WITH NAMAAZ [This page details the Zoroastrian/Persian Namaz and even their concept about it]

Interesting to read some of these tenets listed here

NAMAAZ is only a very small part of SALAAT. Think of ‘Aqaamat-is-Salaat’ or “WA AQIMUSSALAAT” (Establish Salaat). No one says that he has established Salaat. Rather, they say: I have read, offered or performed Namaaz. There was not one single person who introduced the Namaaz deception into Islam. Obviously, no person alone could do. Such conspiracies have to be state-sponsored in order to get hold of the masses. Think of the history of Christianity for a moment. The Pauline doctrine was not canonized until Emperor Constantine supported it at the Conference of Nicea in 325 CE.

2:43 And establish the Divine System, and set up the Just Economic Order in the society. And bow with others who bow to these Commands. [9:119, 89:27-30 'Salaat' = To follow closely like a runners-up (Musalli) follows the winning horse (Saabiq). 'Aqimussallat' = Establish the System that facilitates the following of Divine Commands]

The Qur’an commands us to remember Allah lying, sitting and standing any time. This is also a form of Salaat. The Qur’an repeatedly describes the functions of various creatures as their Salaat and Tasbeeh.

24:41 Do you not realize that God, He is the One Whom all beings in the heavens and earth glorify, and the birds, with their wings outspread, as they fly in columns. All of them know their Salaat and Tasbeeh (mission and strife). God is Aware of what they do to fulfill His Plan. [All creatures know their Salaat, their inborn Divinely programmed instincts. So, they can automatically strive (do their Tasbeeh) in the best way. But humans are not programmed with such inborn instincts. Given free will, they must do their Salaat by following the revealed guidance and thus strive (do Tasbeeh) in the best way]

62:1 All that is in the heavens and all that is on earth strive to manifest the glory of God, the King Supreme, the Impeccable, the Almighty, the Wise.

THE IMAMIST CONSPIRACY OF NAMAAZ: Remind yourself of the famous weird tale of the Prophet (S) ascending to heavens to meet with Allah, the so-called Me'raaj (the word is non-existent in the Qur’an). Is not Allah Omnipresent? The "Imams" of Hadith want us to believe that Allah ordained 50 ritual prayers daily for Muslims on that occasion. As the exalted Prophet was descending, Prophet Moses told him of the impossibility of the situation and sent Muhammad (S) back again and again. Imagine the Prophet (S) bargaining with God! Repeated visits to and fro then bring the number down to 40, 30, 20, 10, and finally 5! Moses a. s. wanted him to make one more trip since Muslims won't be able to do it. But Muhammad (S) said that although Prophet Moses was right, he felt shy to bargain any further. Was this Hadith, in addition to promoting ritualism, fabricated to prove Moses' farsightedness over Muhammad (S)? Only an extremely gullible mind would accept this irrational story.

The later Persian Imams built upon this tale and formulated the current Namaaz. They received strong support from the Persian Zoroastrian viziers, the Baramika. So, it were these Criminal “Imams” who "canonized" Namaaz around 787 CE. Their main philosopher was Imam Al-Khalil bin Ahmad Shikoh, the first ever compiler of Arabic to Persian dictionary, Al-'Ain.

WHY WAS IMAM HANBAL FLOGGED? Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal is reported to have been flogged by Khalifa Mamun son of Haroon because Hanbal supposedly insisted that the Qur’an being the Word of God was Ghair Makhlooq (non-creation). No! That wasn't it. It was too trivial a debate. Hanbal got flogged because he saw and opposed the Persian Namaaz (Bandagi or Gah) being incorporated into Islam.
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Re: Salman Farsi

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Salat in the Quran described in the below video in detail. ... =108&t=51s
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