Dr. Thomas Binder quotes,I will not vaccinate any1

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Aarun UK Truther

Dr. Thomas Binder quotes,I will not vaccinate any1

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Had to post again because many paragraphs were missing first time.

Note: Not to be confused with the other more Famous Dr From Austria who shares the same name.

WOW, What an Amazing Doctor who is not only a Top Doc but a Well Switched On (WOKE) Man on World Current Affairs, risking everything and speaking out and standing up to Tyranny! May The God bless You Sir! If only there were many more like you.

Anyone who is getting slightly agitated and uncomfortable or feel their ego's being hurt by these quotes of Truth don't worry relax, you are experiencing what you call 'Cognitive Dissonance.' If you want to even try to rebut them, pls don't argue with me,(I'm just echoing exactly his sentiments and spreading Truth) take it up with the Respected Doc. Dr. Thomas Binder, MD

@Thomas_Binder. warning: You better know your stuff.

Start with a Classic and end with a Classic. A

"Because their belief system hovers in the fact-free vacuum, their cult leaders never dare to encounter in a scientific discourse, but censor and / or libel us themselves or by their puppet mouthpiece media and social media trolls as "crazed conspiracy..." Dr. Thomas Binder

"While it is impossible to control a respiratory virus,

it is a breeze to control you" Dr. Thomas Binder

"I state here and now that, as a doctor who follows his oath not to do harm, I will not vaccinate anybody against SARS-CoV-2 with a pointless, not tested properly and potentially life-threatening vaccine, even if a (deluded by) corona swindler(s) should point a gun at my temple".

There is no indication to vaccinate against a virus with IFR 0.23,
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