Qur'an Word for Word Ar-En: Root Search Meanings

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Qur'an Word for Word Ar-En: Root Search Meanings

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Welcome. This is an Alpha Version of Text In Motion.

We aim to present the Qur'an in its root Arabic form with cross references and translations to English.

You can browse the Qur'an by words, roots, chapters, and lookup definitions for words and roots.

Text in Motion Quranic Root search

This is an example on what is featured on this site. You can click on every Arabic word, and get all the other verses where words coming from the same Root occur, and their meanings. They use a different a Translation which doesn't always have the correct understanding of words, but this is very handy to understand the order and relation between words and use of root related words.

[IA] Alif-lam-meem
ALM الم
Alif. Lam. Mim.
|الم - Initials|

[IA] Thalika alkitabu larayba feehi hudan lilmuttaqeena
DhLK ALKTAB LA RYB FYHa HaDY LLMTQYN ذلك الكتاب لا ريب فيه هدي للمتقين
This is the Scripture whereof there is no doubt, a guidance unto those who ward off (evil).
|ذلك - that |الكتاب - the book|لا - no|ريب - doubt|فيه - mark/different colours/blemish/ fault/(one coloured) |هدي - offering/present |للمتقين - the righteous|

[IA] Allatheena yu/minoona bialghaybiwayuqeemoona alssalata wamimma razaqnahumyunfiqoona
ALDhYN YnullMNWN BALGhYB WYQYMWN ALSsLAnull WMMA RZQNAHaM YNFQWN الذين يؤمنون بالغيب ويقيمون الصلاة ومما رزقناهم ينفقون
Who believe in the Unseen, and establish worship, and spend of that We have bestowed upon them;
|الذين - those|يؤمنون - who believe|بالغيب - in the unseen|ويقيمون - and observe|الصلاة - the contact prayers|ومما - and from|رزقناهم - what we provided for them |ينفقون - they spend|

As you can see, first the transliteration is given, then all the Roots of the Arabic words, then the Arabic itself, then the English Translation and then Word for Word Arabic-English.
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