The age old human sacrifice to please God - Rehana Farooqi,

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The age old human sacrifice to please God - Rehana Farooqi,

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Email from Rehana Farooqi, India

The age old human sacrifice to please God


Couple 'sacrificed sons to gods'
From correspondents in Bhubaneswar
January 04, 2007,23599,21010740-1702,00.html

A COUPLE in eastern India have been arrested for allegedly sacrificing
their young sons to please the gods.

"It seems like a case of child sacrifice attached to tantric
rituals," police superintendent Ravi Kant said in eastern Orissa
state, where the incident happened.

Police said it had collected evidence of occult practices from the
couple's house.

Residents of the area told police that the couple had been advised by
a tantric practitioner that they should offer their sons, aged 7 and
9, to please the gods for luck and prosperity.

The couple denied the charges on local television, saying the boys
died of illness and their bodies were kept in the house in the hope
that they would come alive.

Police are searching for the occult practitioner.

Human sacrifices are reported occasionally in rural India where many
people put faith in occult practices to ward off evil or gain prosperity.,23599,21010740-1702,00.html
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