Deen, Madhab and Namaz

What is the Deen, System of Life, according to the Quran, and how and why is Islam a challenge to Religion?
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Deen, Madhab and Namaz

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Salamun Alaikum

Much has been said against, Madhab and religious practices, including Namaz, in the wake of giving new and modern appearance to Islam.

The arguments given against these issues are though convincing but please let me invite you to consider the issue from yet another angle. We all know that anything required to be done has two facets. One is “what to do” (Deen-objective-destination-goal) and the other is “how to do” (Madhab-way-path-methodology). For instance; Quran gives us Deen (values and principles) and requires us to manage our affairs through mutual consultation or follow the path of those who lived by these values and earned pride of performance. Similarly Quran tells us to keep the money in circulation. How do we do it is our concern. May be we use our own intellect or benefit from the experience of our ancestors back to the foot prints of the Messenger of Allah (my salute to him).

Quran, likewise, tells us to venerate our Creator. How to do it is the matter of consideration. To express our feelings for others, especially the superior ones, we have, in each society, different manners. In some countries we convey our feelings by standing, kneeling, prostrating or squatting and in others we express our moral sensitivity by motion of hands or body. Islam being a system of global expansion encompasses all these gestures and gives us a comprehensive ritual for developing in us the sense of submission to the sovereignty of our Creator.

The word ritual may not augur well with many of us but we might agree that ritual is a formalized pattern of actions or words followed regularly and precisely and that any serious attempt to try to do something worthwhile is always ritualistic. We have in our practical life dozens of rituals to perform every day. All scientific formulas and medical prescriptions are rituals to which we never question.

Namaz, Salah, Prayer is a way by which we venerate our Creator and seek His guidance to the Straight Path that leads us to real success as individual and as a nation; the Path of those upon whom He bestowed the blissful benefits deriving from conscious obedience to His Commands. The best way to derive full benefit of Namaz (prayer) is to remain in contact or keep in view the life of those whom Allah wants us to idealize. May be we can agree that the one who does not regards his Superior with the feelings of respect and reverence in a formal way is not expected to obey His commands. (“Attention-Salute” is an essential prelim in the Army where the trait of being willing to obey is essential).

Considering this issue from yet another angle I may say that, there are two things. One is Deen and the other is implementation of Deen. Deen we find in the book of Allah and for the implementation of Deen the best authoritative example we find, is in the life of the prophet (pbuh), and his companions. In an Islamic Country the State is responsible for the implementation of the ways and means to achieve requirements of Deen and it is for the elected legislators to make rules in accordance with the book of Allah and precedents obtaining from the history of law making in Islam. In the absence of Islamic Laws, every one assumes the role of explaining shariya; very often to suit the requirements of his own cult and clan. This perhaps is the main cause of diverse views, confusion and chaos. Once we learn to restrict our “what to do" to the book of Allah and let “how to do" change with the situation and circumstances of our time through a central authority, we shall have a shariya acceptable to all of us.

Finally, Allah wants us to idealize the people whom He blessed. I am in search of such people. Can any one please help?

Muhammad Latif Chaudhery
Student of Quran
sovereignity rests with Allah alone
Dr. Shabbir
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Deen, Madhab and Namaz

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Respected Sir, Wa Salamun alaikum!

Who can be better suited to guide us than your goodself?

May Allah bless you in both lives and grant a happy, healthy and prosperous long life here as well!
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