What Islam is NOT

Here we will show what Islam is not and how it is refuted by the Quranic Message.
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Dr. Shabbir
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What Islam is NOT

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One of the hundreds of letters received at Ourbeacon per month.

Dear Dr. Shabbir,

Salamun alaikum (Peace be upon you!).

I found your valuable website few months back when I was browsing the world wide web.

I was so happy to find out that somebody was indeed working hard by his own initiative to clarify to the world about what Islam is NOT. I would like to congratulate you for the great work.

Indeed, our religion "Islam has been affected tremendously by scholars and mullas who completely distorted "Islam".

I would like to be in touch with you if your time permits.

Keep up the good work & GOD be with you.

Best Regards,

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