Mullah Minister Says Zakaat Is Not For Non-Muslims!!!

Here we will show what Islam is not and how it is refuted by the Quranic Message.
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Dr. Shabbir
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Mullah Minister Says Zakaat Is Not For Non-Muslims!!!

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This Urdu link on BBC won't last long.

The Pakistani minister of Zakaat & 'Ushr, Nur-ul-Haq Qadri, has ruled in the national parliament that Zakaat cannot be given to a non-Muslim even under the most dire circumstances, even when a non-Muslim is dying of poverty.

Obviously, the minister is a bearded goat. He failed to mention which verse of the Qur'an ordains this atrocity. What discrimination! How frank is the violation of the Book of Allah!

To compound the shameful deed, not a single person in the assembly stood up against him. Does Pakistan deserve to survive? Could this be one of the last nails in Pakistan's coffin?

These N2I bearded goats and Hijabi mushrooms are taking the country, and the Muslim community, to total humiliation and, eventually to - ANNIHILATION.

Shortly, see in a post what "Lord" Nazir Ahmed of the British House of Lords has done yesterday.
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