Peace, Unity, Islam - Urdu, English Videos

What is the Deen, System of Life, according to the Quran, and how and why is Islam a challenge to Religion?
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Peace, Unity, Islam - Urdu, English Videos

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"Maulana" Ishaq has good intentions to reconcile the sects in Islam but he fails to seek the authoritative ordinances of the Qur'an.

The Shiite "scholar" in his English videos asserts that the exalted prophet was poisoned and assassinated by his wives, Ayesha & Hafsa at their fathers' orders (Hazrat Abu Bakr & Umar respectively). But he forgets that the Qur'an promises, "Allah will surely protect you from human beings." And that, "All companions of the exalted prophet, men and women, were pleased with Allah and Allah is pleased with them."
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