The best approach to Da'wah

What is the Deen, System of Life, according to the Quran, and how and why is Islam a challenge to Religion?
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Dr. Shabbir
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The best approach to Da'wah

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Answer to an email.

Respected Sister ABC, Wa alaikum Assalam!

Thanks for sharing your insight!

You are doing a marvelous job of conveying the Message. That is why you have been able to bring so many people to the Right Path, by the grace of Allah. Most Muslims fail to show the Light to one person.

Many sisters and brothers need to make a few minor adjustments in their approach to people. All the following is based on truth and experience.

1. We should just convey and never never argue.

2. Be brief and to the point. No long discussions.

3. Remember that the straying person of today may see the Light tomorrow. (Usually within three months).

4. The majority of people who disagree with your Qur'anic thinking, do so for their Ego. "Oh, she will become 'big' if I said you are right."

5. Never annoy or lose friends for the sake of Aqeedah (matters of creed or dogmata). Allah is the only Judge.

6. We may accept the Ahadith that do not go against the Qur'an.

7. Surely, we believe in NAMAZ but NAMAZ is not all. It is an integral part of the larger picture - AQAMATIS SALAT.

8. We make it clear that we are only students and no authority which is nothing but the Qur'an after the exalted Prophet's demise.

With this kind of approach, barring the hardened N2I Mullahs, I find almost 100% people in agreement.

Al-Hamdulillah, in addition to 16,000+ reverts since 2001, we have 50 million+ Muslims coming back to the true, Qur'anic Islam.

Kindly never make a single person bitter on account of religion especially in an Arab country.

Best regards and du'as.

Sincere brother,

The best approach to Da'wah

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SA Dear Uncle Shabbir,

This is excellent advice indeed.

Is there any way you can share with us some of the ideas and strategies that our respected sister shared with you in her e-mail? I am ALWAYS looking for ideas and strategies for giving Da'wah.

I recently read an article that gave what I believe to be some pretty good advice as far as pursuing a determined and ongoing da'wah program. It is This Article by Shamin A. Siddiqui.

Not all of it is very good advice if you ask me since the author is coming from an N2I way of thinking. But most people here who are solid Quranic Thinkers should have no problem sifting the bad from the good. :D

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