Zamzam Reality

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Zamzam Reality

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Please check video link below for origin of Zamzam and reality of Safah Marvah according to Bible and Al-Quran.

Arnold Yasin Mol

Zamzam Reality

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Well, he says nothing really about ZamZam.

But it is good he says we must not link stories of the Quran with the Bible or tradition.

2:158 Behold, (Mount) As-Safa and (Mount) Al-Marwah are among
the symbols of God. So, there is no blame on a pilgrim or a visitor
who strides between these two. If anyone volunteers to do acts of
welfare, then most certainly, God is Appreciative, Knower.

[Abraham and Ishmael worked in the region of Mount Safa and
Mount Marwah in Makkah, building the foundations of Ka’bah.
There is nothing wrong in honoring such historical relics (2]
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