162 - Burying as a trust (Amaanat)

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Dr. Shabbir
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162 - Burying as a trust (Amaanat)

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Islamic priesthood and their N2I followers are the only people on earth who believe in this most irrational conjecture: Bury the body as a trust and the earth will protect it from decaying!

1969: A body was to be exhumed in Karachi for re-burial in Lahore two weeks later. As a house-physician at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center, I was assigned to be present on the occasion. As soon as I placed the mask on my face, the bearded Mullah and his company advised, “Doctor Saheb! The body has been buried as a trust, so it will come out fresh and fragrant like a rose.” The Mullah went on, “It’s only we humans that break our trusts; other creations don’t. Therefore, the earth will keep her trust and you will see it soon.” I asked them to give me evidence. They couldn’t and finally, the attorney, the police and Dr. Shabbir wore masks while the Mullah and his followers didn’t. As soon as the grave was opened, the air started stinking so badly that all those without masks ran amok, including the Mullah. The body was exhumed and loaded into a van.

Before anyone would ask him, the Mullah came up with “beautiful” reasoning, “Since some people declined to trust the earth, the earth broke her trust in retaliation.”

The Mullah had no answer to the question, “Is it one of the Divine laws that the earth will preserve a dead body if buried as a trust? If yes, where is this law mentioned?”

To my knowledge, the N2I Muslims are the only people in the world who carry this silliest of beliefs as if it is an Article of Faith. You will find this nonsense neither in the Qur’an nor even in the conjecture based Hadith.

It is said that a body can be buried temporarily at one place and entrusted to the earth to be exhumed and taken to another town at a later date, even after years. And lo and behold! The body will come out fresh as a rose since the earth will keep her trust and not let it decay. That was silly, but now the crime: You will find people telling you that they have witnessed it happening. Conveying hearsay as ‘seen’ is one of the greatest crimes people can commit on people.

As a physician, I have supervised exhumations and, invariably, found the bodies rotten and stinking according to the laws of nature (of course, even when they were buried as a trust).
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