161 - Doom of the grave?! Azaabil Qabr

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161 - Doom of the grave?! Azaabil Qabr

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Doom of the grave?! "Azaabil Qabr"


“Those who believe in the Doom of the Grave, let them have it.” [Allama Al-Mashriqi]

Funny, isn’t it?

1. The Ultimate Authority, Al-Qur’an, makes no hint to it at all.

2. It uses many terms for reward and punishment after this worldly life such as: Azaabin Naar, Azaabil Jaheem, Azaabil Hareeq, Azaabil Akhirah - about 40 such terms.

3. But not once does the Book mention Azaabil Qabr or Doom of the Grave.

4. Allah is no tyrant, fond of punishing people. And why would He punish His servants even before Judgment?

5. The Qur’an explains the interval between death and Resurrection as a prolonged state of sleep. See 36:51-52.

36:51 And when the Trumpet is blown, out of their disintegrated states to their Lord they will run. [Ajdaath = Bodily remains = Physical remains in the graves or scattered anywhere = Disintegrated states]

36:52 They will say, “Oh, woe to us! Who has awakened us from our beds of sleep? This is what the Beneficent promised, and the Messengers spoke the truth.” [Marqad = Bed of sleep = Resting place. These two verses strongly dismiss the clergy-peddled false concept of punishment in the grave. And how would God punish people after death before the Day of Judgment. Moreover, many kinds of suffering - Azaab - are named in the Qur’an, but not once is mentioned Azaabil Qabr]

A staunch, masochistic N2I may come up with a brilliant explanation, “Well, they are sleeping after having had their due share of beating. Does the Qur’an say that? Again, where is Azaabil Qabr in the Book?

Prolonged State of Sleep:

6:60 He suspends your consciousness during sleep at night, and knows what you do by day, when awake. He resurrects you every morning until your life span is completed. Death is, likewise, a temporary suspension of consciousness and afterward to Him is your return (39:42). Then, He will inform you of what you really accomplished.

Where does the conjecture of ‘Doom of the Grave’ come from? Let’s wait for Part III.



Dear friends, Peace & Blessings!

But majority of Muslims love to be thrashed in this world and in the Hereafter. Nay, also in the grave during the interim! :-)

Getting thrashed in this world for sure, they cannot wait for further thrashing until the Day of Resurrection and Judgment!

They wish to get grievous punishment incessantly all along. So, ask any Muslim and rest assured he/she would be found to believe in Doom of the Grave as if it were an article of Faith.

How’s that?

Please wait for Part II.


A life-long student
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