160 - She was sitting up in the grave!!!

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160 - She was sitting up in the grave!!!

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As a little child, I was visiting with my parents a village where one of my uncles lived. Two of my older teenage cousins told me a hair-raising story.

They said: A woman had died last week. A police officer had accidentally dropped his pistol in the grave and the grave had to be opened to retrieve the pistol! “What!” - exclaimed the little Shabbir. They said, “It’s true, believe it or not.” They also presented a friend as witness. Allah had blessed the little Shabbir with a critical mind. He won’t accept anything irrational. So, he found it hard to believe that a grave would be opened for a pistol, but they continued, “We saw that the beautiful woman was sitting up nude in the grave. Her long hair was tied to her big toes and she was screaming with pain.”

I asked my dad to take me to the police officer but no one knew anything about him. So, my kind and compassionate father, who always liked to satisfy the curiosities of children, took me to the Imam of the village Masjid. The Imam Masjid said that he was present at the scene and that he had made sure to see the horrible scene he saw. The woman used to style her hair and the doom of the grave was sure to befall her. I asked him why he would see an unclothed woman, even dead. He responded, “Beta, Shara’ mein sharm nahin.” (There is no shame in Shari’ah). What again? Isn’t modesty an integral part of Faith?

I was not satisfied but my kind dad stopped me from arguing with an elder who was, in addition, an ‘Aalim (a man of knowledge).

Fortunately, the next morning I got hold of a small local newspaper.

It had a CLARIFICATION NOTICE FROM THE POLICE DEPARTMENT: “There is a rumor circulating in Pasrur and around that a grave was opened only because a police officer’s pistol was accidentally left in it. The rumor is totally unfounded and FALSE. Your police department is here to serve you and not to cause any inconvenience to the citizens.”

What was and is the truth? Please wait to find out.
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