146 - The Noblest Mission Statement

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Dr. Shabbir
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146 - The Noblest Mission Statement

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At the outset of the call to prophethood, the exalted Prophet Muhammad announced the highest and the noblest possible Mission Statement ever, “We will establish a State wherein a beautiful young woman laden with jewelry will be able to travel alone from Yemen to Busra (in Syria, about 1500 miles). Yet, she will have no fear but the fear of Allah.”

This meant that in the Muslim Empire, the life, honor and property of all citizens would be safe. It promised peace and rule of law in the society beginning with discipline in the hearts. The exalted Prophet achieved this lofty mission in his lifetime!

Soon, people would travel long distances to find a person willing to accept charity. History has not witnessed such a noble era (622-750 CE) again.
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