145 - What are Jinn?

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Dr. Shabbir
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145 - What are Jinn?

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The term ‘Jinn’ is often misunderstood. It is supposed that they are unseen fiery creatures that live on earth and in the atmosphere and that they can possess people. The Quran does not condone the existence of any such thing as ‘demons’. And there is a reported saying of the exalted Prophet, “La Ghoul” = There is no such thing as ghoul, demons, Dracula, vampires, fairies, witches and wizaards etc. All such things fall into the domain of superstition.
“And the Jinns He has created from a confused flame of fire (with a fiery disposition 55:15).

[References to Jinns]

PS: Our Mullahs believe in the Biblical concept of people getting possessed by demons or ‘Jinns’. But when they get even more blinded support of their false dogmas, they conveniently disregard their beloved Ahadith. The exalted Prophet is reported to have said that NASHARAH (the pretense of exorcism or expulsion of demons is a Satanic act. Yet, our Mullahs torture a mentally deranged person claiming that he or she is demon-possessed, and then heavily beat the poor victim, expose him to ignited chillies smoke etc. No doubt that leaving aside the Book of Allah is no less than death for the so-called Muslims.

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