140 - Birth Control Abortion

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Dr. Shabbir
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140 - Birth Control Abortion

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Ask any Mullah about birth control and there is good chance that he would declare it Haraam. He might present verse 6:151 as evidence but:

The Qur’an forbids KILLING of CHILDREN for fear of poverty.

6:151 — Neither kill your children for fear of poverty nor deprive them of proper training and education. We provide for you and for them —

Obviously, this includes abortion. As for contraception, there is no prohibition in the Book! Bukhari reports a Hadith. (Remember that no Hadith is authentic or infallible). When the noble companions asked the Prophet (S) about ‘Azl (coitus interruptus), he did not forbid that saying, “You may do so knowing that a child that is decreed to be born, will indeed be born.”

[Side note - Lane’s error]

As a rule, where the Qur’an ignores a situation, it is not because Allah forgot to mention it. Rather, in His infinite Wisdom and Mercy, He left minor details open for human beings to decide according to changing times. He did not say: Do not kill MA FIL ARHAAM (what is in the wombs) since it could be a tumor, hydatid cyst or mole or a succumbed product of conception.

23:14 Then We fashioned the gametes into zygote, then a leech-like mass of flesh, then the hanging little lump, the embryo. Then We created bones within the embryonic lump, and then clothed the bones with flesh, designing it into the fetus. And then We made it a new creation (the human infant). So Blessed is God, the Best of creators.

Of course, there could be nothing wrong with abortion when the mother’s or the fetus’ health would be endangered.

Look here even the prayer taught to us for a healthy baby.

7:189 —. As she grows heavy with the child, they both (husband and wife) implore God, their Lord, “If you grant us a healthy baby, we shall certainly be among the grateful.”

The Qur’an shows us even prophets praying for a healthy child.
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