London, ONT Murders

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London, ONT Murders

Post by DrShabbir »

I watched the about 3 hr long vigil directly from London, ONT.

It was an extremely emotional display of the tragedy as well as solidarity from all shades of Canada. Justin T is a shining lamp. Wonderful speeches by leadership and young Pakistani-Canadians. Brunch-material, all of them.

I also salute PM Imran Khan for sensitizing the world about Islamophobia. ... st-attack/
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Re: London, ONT Murders

Post by Mubashir »

This could be the reaction for the consistent past attacks using vehicles in Europe to kill westerners. There are almost 6 vehicle attacks which ran over the common people.

It is sad when such attacks took place no one in Muslim world condemned them by protesting in the streets!

One also has to ask why the Muslims? Why don't they run over Hindus, Sikhs or Buddhists? Is it a delayed back lash against terrorists acts of radicalized Muslims in the Western world and in the Muslim world including against their own?
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