The Qur'anic Hadith and Sunnah

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The Qur'anic Hadith and Sunnah

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My new book is available on Amazon and Dr Saab has a copy if you want a recommendation or condemnation of what I have written!

It is a Qur'anic authoritive destruction of the fairy-tale hadith and sunnah, if I do say so myself. Here is the index though in the real book i have vast subheadings with all the Qur'anic verses I have used.

The Qur’anic Hadith And Sunnah

By J.R. Ahmed
Volume V Of The Qur’an Unchained Series

Unchain The Qur’an, For The Time Is Coming To Restrain
The Criminals In Rods And Chains.

Introduction 1
Meaning Of Hadith And Sunnah 1
Rejection Of What Is Attributed To The Messenger 1
Early Hadith Collections 2
Followers Of Contradiction 2
Cultural Norms 3
The Mulla-gods 3
Section 1 The Qur’anic Explanation Of Everything 5
Two Steps From Hell 5
One Step To Heaven 5
Combat Kit Against The Hadith Worshippers 6
Hadith In The Qur’an 60
Sunnah In The Qur’an 73
The Real Sunnah Of The Messenger-What Should Be Followed 81
Shari`ah And Fiqh 95
The Qur’anic Shariah 97
Sh-R-Ain ش ر ع 97
Shariah in Its Qur’anic Context 99
5:48 Judge Between Them By What God Has Revealed 99
7:17 Iblees Will Move You From The Straight Way 100
42:13 And 42:21 Allah’s Way Only Ordained For Us 101
45:18 Allah Provides Clear Commands For The Messenger To Convey 103
Fiqh 105
The Scholarly Limited Fiqh 106
6:25 Veiled Hearts Lack Understanding 107
11:91 Beyond Comprehension 108
17:44 Study To Attain Proper Understanding 108
Qur’an Alone From The Qur’an 110
What Not To Follow 116
Shirk, Bida, Extremism or Balance, Your Choice 123
Ibadat-Worship of Allah 128
History Repeating 142
On Heroes, Hero-Worship, And The Heroic In History 148
The Real Hero 149
The Mufassil Qur’an 153
Qur’anic Contradiction, Best Explanation And Distortion 156
The Hypocrites 172
From Whence Guidance? Allah or Man 178
When The Qur’an Is Not Enough 197
How The Qur’an Says It Should Be Used 202
How The Qur’an Describes We Should Use Hadith 205
4:87 The Most Reliable And Only Hadith To Follow 205
Warn Their People Against Straying 206
9:112 The True Believers 206
Ancestral Worship 208
Qul-The Authorised ‘Sayings’ of the Messenger 224
2:80 Say: Do Not Say Things Of Allah Without True Knowledge 224
2:120 Say: Allah’s Guidance Is The True Guidance 224
3:20 Say: Submit To Allah Alone 225
3:64 Say: No Other Gods Besides Allah 225
4:127 Say: Allah Enlightens You Alone About His Laws 226
5:65 Say: Revelation From Allah 226
Surah 109. Al-Kaafiroon – Say to Those Who Deny the Truth 227
10:69 Say, Their Lying Inventions To God, Will Burn To Ashes.” 227

Section 2 The Bukharian Idolatrous Reasoning 229
Why They Follow Hadith And Sunnah 233
2:136 Recap, The Hadith Of Muhammad On The Authority Of Allah 233
Obey God And Obey The Messenger 234
The Father, The Son And The Holy Men 289
4:59 Obey Allah ‘Wa’ Obey Rasul Wa-Ulī L-Amri 289
30:29 The Bukharian Transgressors And What They Do 292
Those Who Disobey Allah And His Messenger 293
Uswa Hasana- The Exemplary Personality 304
If You Love God, Follow Me 250
Authority Of Prophet Muhammed 259
Whatever The Messenger Gives You, Take It 267
The Messenger Makes Laws 273
The Book Needs An Explanation-Zikr 276
The Book And The Wisdom 312
The Qur’an Is Too Difficult To Understand 324
Hadith Are Revelation From Allah 339
Torah, Zaboor and Injeel 343
Hadith Of Muhammad Needed For Judgment 349
All The Messenger Said Is A Religious Obligation 366
The Farewell Sermon Of The Messenger 376
Two Innovations And One Correct Account 376
The Sermon 376
The Messenger Guides To The Straight Path 378
Asbaab ul Nuzul- Historical Contextualization Of The Qur’an 380
Only Those In The Know Can Understand Hadith 387
3:91 The Rejectors Of Truth 387
Hadith Only For Scholars 387
5:100 The Bad Is Self-Obvious 388
Hadith Criticism Is A New Invention 389
Hadith Needed For The Rituals 395
Hadith Needed For Existence Of The Mulla-Gods 418
Hadith Needed To Complete Our Guidance 422
Accepting Some Hadith 426
Hadith Rejector Hypocrites- Creed of Abraham 432
Hadith Needed To Understand Words Of Qur’an 443
75:16-24 The Qur’an Alone Needed 443
Qur’an And Hadith Passed Down By Same People 444
The Messenger Was Illiterate 450
Special Knowledge Of The Last Messenger 457
Allah Commands Response To Him And His Messenger 461
Come To What God Has Revealed And Come To The Messenger 471
4:47 Believe In What We Have Now Revealed 472
Do Not Evade The Orders Of The Messenger 473
Every Command Of The Messenger Is A Sunnah 481
Hadith Are His Commands What Is Just 484
Hadith Rejection Is Opposing The Messenger 487
Other Revelation And The Qiblah Shuffle 489
Prophecies From Hadith 503
The Qur’an Defends The Sunnah 526
The Hadith Defends The Sunnah 532
Rapid Expansion Of Forgeries 535
We Can Follow What The Qur’an Does Not Forbid! 543
Universal Acceptance 545
Infallibility Of Scholars 547
Reasoning Is Now Over 562
Writing Hadith Would Have Been Confused With Qur’an 586
Hadith Authentication 593
Combat Kit To Use Against The "Qur’an Only" Muslims 603
Some Questions to Ask the Qur’an Only People: 603
The Response to Combat Kit Against the "Qur’an Only" 605
More Questions for Hadith-rejecters: 632
Discover The Qur’anic Truth 632

Section 3 Fact Checking The Hadith 636
The Bukharian Five Pillars For Qur’anic Understanding 636
Qur’anic Principles For Judging 637
Hadith terminology 653
The Hadith Conspiracy Exposed 662
Ten Commandments Of Bukharians 701
Humiliating the Messenger 704
Hadith That Contradict The Qur'an 709
BismiBukharihadithilla 720
13:17 The Detritus Of Bukharian Idolatry 721
Conclusion 722
31:1-8 Final Message For Those Who Mix Truth With Falsehood 723
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Re: The Qur'anic Hadith and Sunnah

Post by Zubair »

May Allah Almighty bless you and reward you on your hard work with good health, peace and protection. Ameen

There are hundreds of millions of narrators of so called Ahadees.

There is Only One Narrator of the Qur'an. The Qur'anic saying which is the saying of the Last Prophet, Muhammad (SAW).

اللہ نے اتارہ قرآن کو حسین ترین حدیثوں کی کتاب بنا کر 23-39
۔ یہ کتاب قرآن ۔ قول رسول ہے ۔ 69-40
اگر (یہ رسول) گھڑ لیتا ہمارے معاملہ میں کوئی سا ایک بھی قول (حدیث) تو پھر ہم پکڑتے اسے طاقت سے پھر اس کی رگ حیات کاٹ دیتے ۔ 46-45-44-69
پھر اللہ کی آیات والی احادیث کے بعد اور کس پر ایمان لائیں گے 6-45
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