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Rock under the Dome-so many fairy tale stories about it

Posted: Mon May 24, 2021 8:02 pm
by abdalazizariff
Rock under the Dome

at 4:27 watch the rock -so many fairy tale stories about it.

its not big may be 5 minutes, its worth reading and you will know why the Jewish people had the Exalted Messenger [as] on a night journey from this rock. He led the prayer, but what kind, he has not went up yet with the Hebrew Travel Agent, who recommended to bargain to reduce the prayer. 50 to 5 .also 6 months of fasting to one month.

[6 months of fasting to one month.]

Tracing the Development of the
Ibn ʿAbbās Ascension Discourse

Dome of the Rock is also referred to Umar Mosque, when Hazrat Umar went to accept the control, the priest offered him to pray at the church. He did not, The temple mount was full of garbage and destroyed , he asked his people to clean the dirt by the rock and then he offered his prayer.!