Legendary books by Dr.Saheb-easy access to pdf

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Legendary books by Dr.Saheb-easy access to pdf

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↑ http://drshabbir.com/library/qxp_arabic1.8.pdf

↑ http://www.drshabbir.com/library/qxpvi_ ... c_text.pdf

↑ http://www.drshabbir.com/library/QXPdesktop.html

↑ http://www.drshabbir.com/library/QKANM-Urdu.pdf

↑ http://www.drshabbir.com/library/QKANM-Hindi.pdf

↑ Islam As I Understand

↑ Islam: The True History and False Beliefs

↑ The Criminals of Islam

↑ Sir, You said it!

↑ When Is the Messiah Coming?

↑ Dual Islam

↑ Hashish From Qadian

↑ Father of the Nation - Quaid-e-Azam

↑ A Collection of Authentic Ahadith

↑ Thus Speaks the Bible

↑ The Ideal Prophet

↑ Islam For the Junior

↑ The exalted prophet Muhammad

All the Legandaray books by Dr.Saheb MD are available at Ourbeacon /free Libraray. the above is just an easy access-pdf files.

My wild guess , almost 90 % of the posts at this forum are backed up from the above books.

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