History and the exalted Messenger

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History and the exalted Messenger

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Re: History and the exalted Messenger

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Prof Rafi, Saheb, and others:

"CIRA exists to mobilize the Body of Christ across North America, and globally, to more effectively reach Muslims with the Gospel, by discipling and equipping believers, and by empowering church and community leaders to influence the Muslim world for Christ."

The video is about converting muslims to Christianity.

They may well be discussing the problems in Islamic traditions/history but is is an ARAB CHRISTIAN speaking to a liar called Jay Smith who is well known for his anti-islam stance, and uses deception to prove his case.

No comments were posted by anyone else so I thought it prudent to point out the fact that this is a Christian attempt at undermining Islam and not a muslim attempt at looking at the problems in the Light of the Qur'an, which is how I and other Qur'an only undermine the N2I followed by the Bukharians.
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