Doctor's Ramadan Perscription

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Doctor's Ramadan Perscription

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Doctor's Ramadan Perscription
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Yusuf Estes <>
Thu, May 6 at 7:08 PM

Here's our "Ramadan Prescription for Muslims", inspired by our doctors on. Guide US TV 📺 (Tues &Thurs 9PM EST)
Salam Alaykum to all ~

Doc's "Ramadan Prescription":
1. Schedule for more Quran
2. Add more salat & duas
3. Talk less & pray more
4. Eat less junk and more dates, fruits & veggies
5. Dedicate Monday and Tuesday for GuideUs TV to help improve health and wellness for all mankind
6. Ask Allah Almighty more for forgiveness and be saved from hellfire as well as my family
7. Pray for the sick and diseased of the Ummah for cure ( shifa) and God Mercy
8. Forgive all those who wronged me
9. Focus on the future not the past by finding solutions for hunger, weakness of immune system and give hope and optimism
10. Make Duaa for our Ummah as so many challenges (physical, mental, social, financial and yes spiritual)have increased with COVID pandemic
We as Allah to alleviate the pain , sadness , remove all negativity
Maj Gen Dr. Shabbir Ahmed, M.D.
Phone: 407-554-1544
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