Solar Eclipse- Medical Cure at Clifton Beach, Karachi

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Solar Eclipse- Medical Cure at Clifton Beach, Karachi

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Annular solar eclipse wows skywatchers across Asia ... - Dawn

[ just and copy and paste]

I was in Karachi at this time. One person in the neighborhood spread the rumor, that it will be so dark you can see the stars. The rickshaw wala, who used to help me on a daily basis would have been at his post between 9 am-10 am.
That day he should up at 1 pm. Roads were almost empty till late afternoon. The eclipse was partial.

The non existent majoosi bukhari and his gang had us were they wanted-gave us prayer prescriptions to pray while the sun is up.

LOL- my friend 1RationalThinker, who is #2, just curious. -:)

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