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Good Friday-Isa[as] crucified on Friday or something else

Posted: Thu Apr 01, 2021 11:55 pm
by abdalazizariff
God is the most Virtuous of planners


3:54 They (the opponents) made some plans, but so did God. God is the most Virtuous
of planners. [They schemed to arrest and crucify Jesus but God assured him]

Wa makaroo wa makaral laahu wallaahu khairul maakireen

8:30 Recall (O Messenger), when the rejecters were making schemes to restrain you
(from conveying the Message), slay you, or expel you. That was their plan,
but God's Law of Requital is designed to work in a way unfailing. God is the
Best of planners.

Wa iz yamkuru bikal lazeena kafaroo liyusbitooka aw yaqtulooka aw yukhrijook; wa yamkuroona wa yamkurul laahu wallaahu khairul maakireen

Verse 3:54 deals with saving of Messenger Issa [AS] from crucifixion. [ History repeats itself-total domination of the Roman rulers by the Political Action Committee of the High Priests. They were challenged by Messenger Issa [AS], They did not like it, convinced the rulers to crucify.

Allah informed Messenger Issa [AS] and his mother to leave the town and go far away. This is what is called - God is the most Virtuous of planners.

In Kanz-al-Ummal it is reported from Hazrat Abu Huraira that God guided Jesus
to go away from Jerusalem lest he should be identified and further persecuted.'
Kanz-ul-Ummal, Vol. 2, 34.

Ibn-iJarir,in his Tafsir-Ibn-i-Jarir at-Tabri says:

Jesus was like unto the Holy Prophet. He and his mother, Mary (as a result of
Jewish persecutions) had to migrate from Palestine and leave for a far off
country and he went from country to country.
Ibn-i-Jarir, Tafsir lbn-i-Jarir at-Tab ri,
Vol. 3: 197.

According to Sheikh Shaltoot of Al-Azhar , for the sectarian Muslims , who believe that Messenger Issa [AS] was raised to the heaven, this is no planning. Planning has to be on a human [parallel] level.

[There have been several posts about virgin birth in different religion and that person dying and raised to life on the third day.]

Verse 8:30 deals with the Exalted Messenger [AS] going from Makkah to Aqsa [distant place]-Medina. [ the human planning of leaving at night with careful planning ].

By a Great Scholar of Islam, who knew Allama Iqbal and Father of the Nation. Sad part the mulla mafia kept him away from the Pakistanis. One of the was Maudodi.
حضرت مریمؑ کی عظمت اورحضرت عیسٰیؑ کے معجزات - › watch › v=jCYjvpl-KIQ

[Man we are lucky, meeting with Moses in the heavenly trip, 50 prayers reduced to 5 and 6 months of fasting reduced to 1 month. LOL + ] [ i can not hear it ]

Any other books , they are like history. [HISTORY=HIS STORY], or call Terry Jones [pastor] from Florida---???

These are my 2 cents thought???