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Mahmood Qaddus, Canada

The Cosmic One

Post by Mahmood Qaddus, Canada »

I hereby submit the express obligation to inform you that you are now disqualified from immediate effect from sending any further postings on this forum. The charge is for promoting lies and stupidity that insults the IQ of our pet Rodent and our highly knowledge heavyweight scholars relentlessly on a daily basis.

You have breached section 51 of the Beacon Charter for expected and acceptable behavior. A copy will be sent to you via e-mail by the close of play. Appeals will not be accepted at this stage.

In order for you to be considered for participating again, please provide two official documents as proof as ID, one with a current photo such as a Passport and a UK Driving License with your current address.

Please also provide a blood sample to ascertain your DNA does not match our inventory of Alien Lizards imprisoned in our Hi-Tech labs.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Yours Conspiratorially

Signed: Mr. W. H. Lizard Wizzard

Please send these documents to the following UK address at your earliest convenience as that would suit us, no rush.


Mr. Allah Ditta (The Mean of Deen)

Beacon GLOBAL No-Nonsense Fact Checker Villas,

7th-floor Budfarm Square

Conspiracy Road



All documents will be returned once certified as truly human and sane, thank you.

Anna Freud, Kentucky, USA

The Cosmic One

Post by Anna Freud, Kentucky, USA »

I would like to recommend you a good read full of light-hearted humour relating to this post.

The Perpetual Wisdom of Ignoramus by (NasTrodamus, FE Secret Society, P, 51)
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