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Faisal Jamal UK


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Dear all,

Greetings and good health. I have Covid19. This is the second time I've caught it. First was in March/April this year. High temperature, dry incessant cough and delirium. After three weeks I got an acute pain in my back which stopped me from walking, I had this for two months. At that time my GP and everyone I knew didn't have a clue what happened to me. Just take paracetamol or was it brufen? There was confusion as to which one of these meds was the correct one to take.

In mid-November I was asked by my surgery to get my flu jab. I walked to the clinic as it was a mild enough evening. Got the jab, walked home whistling. I normally get a runny nose or slight temperature rise after a flu jab. Next day all was fine but the day after I felt weak and had pain in my joints. I took the day off work but returned the following day. When I started to get worse I ordered a NHS Covid19 test kit.

I duly sent off the kit for testing and a few days later I got the great news that I was Covid positive. My three children got it but thank heavens my wife, who is the heart and soul of our family, didn't. My kids recovered quick though the eldest still feels a bit weak. This happened on the 20th of November. I am still off work as I had the same symptoms as last time but thankfully not as severe, though this time my lower limbs and back hurt so I can't walk for long as I run out of breath.

No one has to believe a word I say. A very dear friend and brother in Islam, one year younger than me, non smoker or drinker, four absolutely wonderful daughters and an amazing wife, passed away within four days of contracting Covid. He got it after me and the last message I sent him was regarding Covid. I tried to re-assure him that all would be well and soon he would be fine, alas. He suffered from anxiety and depression for decades. He died from complications brought on by Covid.

His elder brother who is very dear to me also has been bed ridden by Covid. He is seventy three and is coping well. He has breathing problems and extreme weakness but by the Grace of Allah is getting better . I've had flu before and this is no flu. No one has to believe in whether Covid exists and no one has to believe it doesn't. We can have a polite, mania free , insult free conversation or we can ban everyone whom we disagree with. If we get rid of the 'extremes' then the 'moderates' take their place until all is left is one's left and right arm. As with the stock exchange, in the old days it was 80% trade and 20% speculation and nowadays it's 90% speculation and 10% trade. Trade is Halal, let us keep it

(the Forum) 90% trade.

God bless all.

jawaid ahmed


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Covid disease has been shown to produce an immune response but this decreases over time, as others have also had it twice.

That is why they are giving two shots of the vaccine, 21 days apart, to boost the immune system but they still do not know how long this will last. It could be that we need a vaccine every year like flu vaccines.

I have had a number of deaths amongst friends and patients so understand your pain and loss.
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