Jesus never called his religion Christianity

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Khawaja Anwar, Norway

Jesus never called his religion Christianity

Post by Khawaja Anwar, Norway »

Very well.

Christianity and Judaism are man given names and do is The Bible ( the Book ). Only Islam and Qur’an are God willed names given by the Almighty Himself.

Quran calls all previous messengers of God (as well as other gone by saints, godly people ) as Muslims.

James Miles, USA

Jesus never called his religion Christianity

Post by James Miles, USA »

Islam is not a religion - and Mohammed is not a God but a name for a killer of infidel - us. Christianity is a religion of God. The Koran is just a manual for evil. Muslims are the enemy and have proven it for centuries world-wide.

Mubashir, Toronto

Jesus never called his religion Christianity

Post by Mubashir, Toronto »

BTW read this short article on People of the Book and Quran:

“.......The following article will attempt to impart clear directives from the Quran with regards the People of the Book (Arabic: Ahl-e-Kitab). Some verses may prove to be a surprise for many Muslims that have mainly relied on a theology absorbed from Islamic secondary sources. For all intent and purposes, nothing can change God's words and a true believer would be expected to submit to God's commands.

The Quran asks the People of the Book to recognise that what has come to the final prophet is the truth which is confirming the truth which is also with them.

God's message of truth has always been the same. Believe in One God of the Universe, believe in the unseen hereafter, associate no partners with God and to do righteous deeds.

Verses dealing with fighting Christians and Jews deal with a specific people who broke treaties, committed evil etc. They cannot be applied to all Christians and Jews for all times. Please see related articles [1] and [2].

Non-Muslims are not always Kaafir (Disbelievers) and the Quran does not refer to Jews and Christians as disbelievers but as 'Ahl-e-Kitab' (People of the Book). Even idolaters are not necessarily 'Kaffirs'. Please see related article [3].

Jews and Christians can be Muslims. Please see related article [4].

There are also 'believers' amongst the People of the Book. Please see related article [5].

The Quran does not demand the Jews and Christians to 'convert' or abandon their laws. Until the People of the Book are convinced of the veracity of the message of the Quran, the people of the Book must follow the laws of their own scriptures in truth as Muslims and God will judge them equitably.....”

Read the rest here:

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