Dabbah: a Creature ' or ' a Beast ?

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abdalaziz ariff

Dabbah: a Creature ' or ' a Beast ?

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We have omitted nothing in the Book.

[Wir haben nichts in dem Buch ausgelassen]

6:38 -----We have omitted nothing in the Book (that was essential to be given through


8:22 The worst of created beings in the Sight of God are the deaf and the dumb, those

who do not use their intellect. [2:18, 16:76]

27:82 When the Word comes to pass against them, We will cause the poor exploited

ones to rise up, practically telling people that they did not have conviction in

Our Messages. [Dabbatam-min-Al-ardh applies to the humbled ones just as

'mountains' in several places in the Qur'an indicate the elite. The common

understanding of this term as 'a creature coming out of the earth', in my

humble opinion, is incorrect. For, supra-natural phenomena stand contrary to

the Changeless Divine Laws. The error is the result of trying to give literal

meaning to an allegory in blind following of fabricated Ahadith. See 6:65]

Dabbah: a Creature ' or ' a Beast

By Mohammad Suleman, New Age Islam

“Several years back, soon after I retired from my job as electrical engineer from Texas Instruments, I started re-reading the Holy Quran. This time around, in Arabic with English translation, deliberately slowly and with some contemplation, as is recommended in the Quran. I would spend an hour or so, just to read one page. I would try to learn and understand not only the meanings of the Arabic words with the help of dictionaries at hand, but also the context in which these words were used in the Ayat. As curiosity, some time I would use other translations of the Quran to check out how it has been explained by other scholars for the same Ayah.”

Sidqi, ca

Dabbah: a Creature ' or ' a Beast ?

Post by Sidqi, ca »

Aaron will stop at nothing less than conspiracy theory. Deal or no deal.
Saira Iqbal, UK

Dabbah: a Creature ' or ' a Beast ?

Post by Saira Iqbal, UK »

Clearly you didn’t read anything I wrote.

You haven’t told me what you learnt from the video and cannot justify it either apart from making everyone concentrate on the subject matter.

It just seems like you’re a bored soul that wants everyone to jump off the cliff. Step out of the basement you’ve locked your brain in and look at the wider reality.

You can only learn or believe something if it comes from a reputable man/source or someone that belongs to that field.

David Icke was a sports journalist who later turned on to become a conspiracy theorists which he still is! You’re ignoring his past, well fine! Although there are no recent evidence where David Icke doesn’t go back on his words of claiming to be Jesus either. You cannot ignore the stupid conspiracy theories he has created.

If you could just tell me what you learnt from the video and how you can justify it that would be better!
Aarun Uk

Dabbah: a Creature ' or ' a Beast ?

Post by Aarun Uk »

Anna Freud, Kentucky, USA

Dabbah: a Creature ' or ' a Beast ?

Post by Anna Freud, Kentucky, USA »

“Says Who? from guys on the net trying to debunk it but fail miserably. LOL”

No, not to be confused with Eric Dubay (Goodbye) and the other associated Charleton’s. Those who provided in their stately international documentary, Behind the Curve, two failed key experiments against themselves in trying to prove the earth is flat. How genius of your Flat Earth Chiefs you follow akin to worship? Let alone professor Dave’s unmet challenges by you or the flat earth community, really funny Hey? Try to answer his challenges then. You see, there is a distinct difference between the 'real truthers' and the goofers if you can't, it really is that simple.

As you are aware, all your other distortions and ramblings in your posts have been destroyed on this forum and beyond, done deal - game over. No need to rehash or for me to get into a pointless rebuttal so that you can entertain a reverse Psychology strategy ego trip to maintain forever and evermore.

No Ifrit Jinn/Co-pilot support will be able to help you to navigate through a debate that is already over as evidenced on the forum/threads and in this link. So, in your words, research without prejudice like I have done with every one of your posts and links, cross-referencing, researching, reading different Qurans, dah de da, with the help of our lord.

Destroying Flat Earth Without Using Science - Part 4: The Conspiracy - YouTube


There are plenty of FE videos on YouTube from both sides, but in your fit of excitement, you suddenly can't find them and the viewing stats suggest that they are surely dying away as individuals and in groups.

Btw, Your Geo ‘Eccentric’ interpolation is not in harmony with current verifiable scientific facts and the heavenly visible skyline; circular planets that do not contradict the Quran. This means that QXP rendition and many others are not in contradiction. It also demonstrates that in light of this, you’re understanding or interpretation is indeed a distortion that is 100% erroneous, nice attempt though :-)

We have known without technology that the earth is circular for nearly 2000 years and simple experiments can be done by anyone with an average education to prove that our globe is a miracle of our lord's wonderful handiwork.

To sum up - most certainly you have been hoodwinked big time, and boy, do you know it and your persistence to try and overturn this matter is the evidence.

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