Christianity is an embodiment of 'Taqia'

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Khawaja Anwar, Norway

Christianity is an embodiment of 'Taqia'

Post by Khawaja Anwar, Norway »

Christianity is an embodiment of Taqia by the church elders. Playing around with letters and words, fooling the common ( totally ignorant ) churchgoer. Although Greek has no upper / lower case system, English translator put capital L and capital g when referring to Jesus ( my god and my lord exclamation by doubting Thomas ).

The first thing is lying is lying ( Taqia is Taqia ). Two of the most important of so called god’s disciples lied about him while he was still with them is beyond any credibility. I misquoted Bible’s description that “all the disciples forsook him” in Mark 14:50. The fact remains that Simon Peter , so-called “ rock” ( of faith ) and Judas committed the “ dreaded “ taqia to save their lives ( only Muslims are supposed to do it! ). Whether they lied to the Romans / Jews / Tom / Duck / Harry is not Germaine to this event. They committed the so called Taqia.

The whole current NT is basically a pack of lies having more errors and inner contradictions ( hundreds of them as Prof Bart Ehrman ) and thus totally unreliable as a source of info about Jesus and his mission.


Saira Iqbal, UK

Christianity is an embodiment of 'Taqia'

Post by Saira Iqbal, UK »

By “chomical” I hope you meant comical. What is life without humour?

“you might learn a thing or two instead of replying with ridiculous ignorant comments”- Interesting, now spreading the truth and educating our fellow brothers is being perceived as ridiculous and ignorant. Please tell me what are the “thing or two” you learnt from the video you shared? What are we going to learn from a video which states that a “secret agency” is getting rid of independent people so it can CONTROL the “global population on this web”? A video that was full of grammatical errors is going to teach us a “thing or two”, make us all stand against the “global agenda for human control.” Is the device you are currently using to browse these conspiracy theories not controlling you? Clearly, they’ve taken over your mind! Quite bizarre isn’t it?

You presented a video that has no genuine source and expect the rest of us to follow it without asking a question.

You said “No David Icke does not think He's Jesus. Not Now anyway. Show me a latest video where he says He is Jesus. Show us all if you speak the Truth?? If Not Then Stop Spreading Falsehoods.”

You asked a man of truth and greatness, Jawaid Sir for evidence but the only problem is that people only understand from their level of perception.

However, for your sake I have attached evidence supported with real sources:

As you said you want to see a video, well then here you go (I’ll save you time go to 3:23 minutes):

Now I can say to you, “your ignorance and Arrogance is showing. Why are you making a mockery of yourself. What happened to the moderators on here. This guy is trying to bring things into disrepute. Grow up.”

If you are going to believe someone please, I repeat please look into:

Who that person is?

What he has been doing in his life to give such ‘factual’ information?

Which sources agree with his ideas? – since we all need proof

Oh and do start watching some comedy films, if you need some recommendations I hope everyone on the forum will be more than happy to help you out.
Anna Freud, Kentucky, USA

Christianity is an embodiment of 'Taqia'

Post by Anna Freud, Kentucky, USA »

Trying to re-open the argument that the earth is flat will not change that it has been devastated, wrecked, annihilated and then some, period.

This psychological approach is a further example that our friend’s desperate attempt to come up with a new strategy...all in the name of tending to an extremely hurt ego, or rather the Cerebral Cortex syndrome. Rather than burn the id. The solution or strategy sought is to write pages of mixed-up contradictory gibberish to dump on us us a confused fragmented mindset but in doing so, forget one fundamental principal, it is now a closed shop. Evidence is professor Dave's challenges could not be met by any flat earther on this forum.

In view of this, this argument has been annihilated and neither you nor the entire flat earth community was unable to respond to basic challenges even from a non-science perspective in the threads.

These psychological strategies mean nothing but desperation and the earth still remains circular in harmony with nature and the Quran. All must be in harmony and not just one odd one out.

One more for you from Professor Dave (also known to somas as a free mason, Satanist, etc, etc).

Destroying Flat Earth Without Using Science - Part 4: The Conspiracy - YouTube

Viewers - would be good for you to watch all four and his other annihilation videos of this rapidly dying cult.

Have a good day.

Anna Freud, Kentucky, USA

Christianity is an embodiment of 'Taqia'

Post by Anna Freud, Kentucky, USA »

Before going on, I have to confirm that this can only be what I would describe metaphorically as a manic episode of epic proportions. Both a delirious confused understanding and coupled with an interpretation to fit in with an idea, belief in totality

Allow me to explain, the first video link is about the following -

"Nov. 9 -- Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton addressed supporters in New York on Wednesday. She urged young people to keep fighting for what’s right and that nothing made her prouder than to be champion of women"

Hilary Clinton is talking using metaphorical language about the "Glass Ceiling Will Be Shattered Some Day" in relation to the above paragraph, not the flat earth's glass ceiling?? As that would bear no relevance to the subject matter at hand. Someone has used the clip to promote the firmament as they, the flat earth brigade see fit.

The other one is a mind-blowingly week and stupid. Even a kid at college can manufacture such a video in creative film media studies, and plug on YouTube. Not even worth saying any more about and an insult to any sane person'ss IQ.

Don't shoot me for it!

Mubashir, Toronto

Christianity is an embodiment of 'Taqia'

Post by Mubashir, Toronto »

Essentially, the Koran suggests that a person who faces religious persecution can withhold the identity of their faith in order to avoid bodily harm or death. The concept was particularly embraced by Shiites, who took steps to hide their religious beliefs from the majority Sunnis. (Indeed, part of the reason for Sunni distrust of Shiites is because Sunnis regard taqiyya as part of Shiite practice.)

But some Sunnis also practiced taqiyya, particularly the Moriscos, Muslims who were forced to convert to Catholicism in Spain during the 1500s.

The concept is also not unknown to other religions. Jews in Spain during the Inquisition also pretended to convert to Catholicism.
jawaid ahmed

Christianity is an embodiment of 'Taqia'

Post by jawaid ahmed »

I thought you were a six year old that could not understand simple truths but I was wrong, you are 4yrs old.

It should be called Bitchite, the 'bit' being the urdu meaning of the word.

I asked you for credible evidence for what you claim and you have given us Judy Mikovits who is a global conspiracy anarchist who makes money selling this false agenda.

Please buy her books, she needs that holiday in the Bahamas once the non-existent pandemic is over.

Since you do not know how masks help stop the spread of air-borne infections and you do not believe in airborne infections, then your attempt at car humour is useless.

Off to your next post.

jawaid ahmed

Christianity is an embodiment of 'Taqia'

Post by jawaid ahmed »

David Icke says there are lizards ruling the earth

David Icke says he is the Son Of God

I can find no video where he has retracted this, and unlike your good self, I am open to correction if you provide one.

david icke, the money maker

You cannot live on bread alone, he needs to make a living and he sells books he knows a few 'Karens' and 'Mr Stupid' will buy. He has learnt the mental con-game and you have been conned.

Either that, or he has mental health issues or both. Lizards and God, what a combination, must be a fruit and nut case.
jawaid ahmed

Christianity is an embodiment of 'Taqia'

Post by jawaid ahmed »

If you are saying there is no covid, then doctors and nurses working and dying in the NHS and around the world to help those with it are all in on the conspiracy, do not know how to test for it, are killing patients or making up 'covid deaths', then you are backbiting them and are on the wrong path. You are following the evil spirit infecting this world as Icke says, and see where you end up:

15:39 Iblees said, "O My Lord! Because You have put me in the wrong, I will entice them on earth, and I will put them all in the wrong.” [Ghawa = Put in error = Thwart = Mislead = Deprive of sound judgment]

15:40 “Except those who are truly Your servants."

15:41 "This is, with Me, a straight path," said God.

15:42 “Surely, you shall have no power over My servants, except those who put themselves in error and follow you.”

15:43 “And for all such, Hell is the promised abode.”

15:44 With seven gates leading into it - each gate receiving its share of wrongdoers. [Sab’ah = Seven = Many. The right path is one, while the wrong paths are numerous and each of them leads to Hell. 30:30-31]

Lack of credible evidence means what you believe is baseless and useless.
jawaid ahmed

Christianity is an embodiment of 'Taqia'

Post by jawaid ahmed »

I have to keep my mask on as I am challenging the Joker.
jawaid ahmed

Christianity is an embodiment of 'Taqia'

Post by jawaid ahmed »

Again, bitshite and not scientific america, nature or reputable source.

steven lanka is a liar and an idiot but imbeciles think he is intelligent, and has been debunked

judy milvotz is an idiot and has been debunked:

Lanka can make false claims and others may follow them, but they remain false. He has been fact checked over and over again as he makes ridiculous claims to sell book:,FALSE%3A%20Pathogenic%20viruses%20do%20not%20exist%2C%20as%20the%20German%20biologist,no%20lawsuit%20denied%20their%20existence.&text=The%20%23CoronavirusFacts%20database%20records%20fact,of%20the%20COVID%2D19%20outbreak.
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