The Eternal Divine Decree-Cause and Effect

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abdalaziz ariff

The Eternal Divine Decree-Cause and Effect

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“maa farratnaa fil Kitaabi min shaiyy”

We have omitted nothing in the Book.

[Wir haben nichts in dem Buch ausgelassen]

6:38 -----We have omitted nothing in the Book (that was essential to be given through Revelation.)

8:22 The worst of created beings in the Sight of God are the deaf and the dumb, those who do not use their intellect. [2:18, 16:76]


7:34 All nations and communities determine the terms of their Rise and Fall in accordance with these Divine Laws. And these Laws work with meticulous timing, without delay and without hastening.

10:49 Say (O Messenger), 'I have no power to avert any harm even from myself, or benefit myself contrary to the Laws of God. Every community determines its own rise and fall. When the time comes, they can neither delay, nor hasten the requital.'

23:43 No community can advance its term, nor delay it.

15:5 (The Law of Respite makes no exceptions.) The end of any community can neither be advanced, nor delayed.

Numerous examples in the past and at present some in the making.

In street version language

You do the crime –You do the time

You can run but you can not hide.

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