The Arab Model for Economic Growth

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Badar Habib US

The Arab Model for Economic Growth

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The Arabs (UAE, KSA and Qatar) have brought down their cultural walls to improve their economy. Turkey and Iran are watching how the Arab model of liberalization unfolds before they follow the suit. The recent changes in the Arab world will make them business-friendly and more open to the “infidels”. Israel is no longer an enemy but a customer, who will spend their money and help boost the Arab economy. The civil society in the Middle East is evolving at a fast space under their present leadership.

“Countries with religious freedom present a better environment for innovation and experimentation. Advances in religious freedom is in the self-interest of businesses, governments and societies.”

Fundamental transformations of thought and action will be required to develop the economic backbone and financial strength for Pakistan. Only a strong and secular government can bring about economic prosperity without repeating the "Arab Spring" model.

Friends of Pakistan would like to see Imran Khan to move away from the “Medina Model”, revival of the caliphate, and implementing the Sharia law. It is highly unlikely that a similar socio-cultural change (degradation) will happen in a highly conservative Pakistani society.

Ref: Excerpt from “Research paper - World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Role of Faith"
Aarun Uk Truther

The Arab Model for Economic Growth

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"I repeat>>.. Looks like you have a better option to save entire humanity. Plz bring it on.>>>.

Will you answer again above original question or just keep scaring all of us with your conspiracy theories. ? Mr. Ein Stein."

I've already answered you. You obviously are not thinking are you? First of all why does the entire humanity need saving? Says who and from what? Or do I have to spell it out for you?? jeez. Read and read again until this sinks in pls. THERE IS NO PANDEMIC, AGAIN I REPEAT, THERE IS NO PANDEMIC! However there is what you call a PLANDEMIC. C'mon now use some basic intelligence here. Research the difference. you don't have to be an Ein Stein.

Again you come out with the same boring thing that all of the brainwashed muzzle wearing scared to death walking zombies come out with, labelling it conspiracy theories. And yes Quran only People are not immune unfortunately and that is absolutely evident on here.

If I was to tell you couple of years ago that soon you will see all this happening on your doorstep and in every country, like wearing face masks, quarantining, 6 metre rule, you can't go out, lockdowns, covid vaccines, and soon to be RFID chips and health passports, you would outright think I'm crazy and of course the name calling would follow "oh stop with the conspiracies theories etc".

Now that you see everything all happening (or are you dreaming!) in real time you still have the audacity to say that I'm scaring all of you with conspiracy theories. WOW, Absolutely incredible.

I will say again, I'm not here to scare anyone but to outright warn you and to think for yourself and use some common sense, critical thinking, and wake up from your deep slumber instead of watching Tell Lie Vision. The Biggest Propaganda Machine. The scare mongering is done elaborately to fool the Sheeple, by MSM, governments and the elite and if you can't ascertain that you have been constantly lied to then I'm sorry we can not help you.
jawaid ahmed

The Arab Model for Economic Growth

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Sidqi Bhai, and we thought the N2I people were nuts!
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