A Trip to Palestine "Bacha Khan Baba"

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Badar Habib US

A Trip to Palestine "Bacha Khan Baba"

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By Bacha Khan Baba . . .

I went to Palestine after performing Hajj in 1926. Seeing the situation of Arab Muslims there, I found out that like Pashtuns, the Maulvis have made the Arabs sit in waiting for Imam Mahdi that he will come and fix everything for them.

One day, in Bait ul Muqaddas (Jerusalem) I went to get some information and ended up discussing the future of Palestine and Arabs in a hotel. There was a debate with some Palestinians. I said, look, you people are making a big mistake by selling your lands to the Jews. The Jews will build settlements in this land. Why don't you do this yourself?

The land I saw had beautiful bungalows, gardens, with running water, belonged to the Jews. And the barren land belonged to Muslims. The Jews had already settled in small, beautiful villages in Palestine while the Arabs were negligently sleeping and did not develop their land.

When I asked one of these Arabs, he said that this is the fourteenth century, the last century. We are selling our lands to the Jews; when Imam Mahdi will come all these lands will be of Muslims again.

Now sometimes I think of going back to Palestine and asking these Arabs that the fourteenth century is over, who owns this land now - Jews or Muslims? The nation which does not protect its interests will be ruled by an oppressive government.

An excerpt from Bacha Khan's book my ′′ Life and Jadojhad ′′
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