'Greensleeves' and 'In the meadows'.

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Muhammad Rafi Karachi

'Greensleeves' and 'In the meadows'.

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The same composition with different lyrics was sung beautifully by the famous Debbie Reynolds in the movie'How the West was won'. A movie dedicated to the American West

The movie had three sections with different directors and a multi super cast. It was filmed in a spectrum form with different cameras projected on a giant screen.This section from the movie has Gregory Peck and Debbie. I am posting 2 versions. The changed title of the song is 'In the meadows'. Enjoy.....



jawaid ahmed

'Greensleeves' and 'In the meadows'.

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But you have no evidence for anything, just distorted and false information.

Present real evidence that cannot be challenged and we will accept it.

All you have done is present a 'flat earth' belief for all your conspiracies, take it or not and if we do not we are all wrong and the one is right in his deluded world!

For example, your friend Coleman says vaccines do not work. When they were used in the Ottoman Empire 300 years ago, copied by the English, where were the conspirators then and up to now? What agenda did they have inventing 'vaccines' that do not work? Who benefited from this lie from those days to now?

Coleman cannot answer, neither can you because lies perish before truths.

These scape goats, the Jews are easy target for the racists who easily frog march their followers into madness. Take a look at the Netherlands where you had five or six people banging cooking utensils in protest at covid lock-downs there! Sad and pathetic, these brainwashed and deluded, especially when lives are at stake so your nonsense has lethal consequences and is not a little game.
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