Correcting the beliefs.

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Sidqi, ca

Correcting the beliefs.

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Noted from our beacon's history.

Dr. Shabbir's noble work of correcting the beliefs.

Your own Beacon has been the first ever open and effective voice raising the following points (and these are just a few examples):

Ø The term, “Five Pillars of Islam” is man-made.

Ø Salaat is not prayer or Namaaz. The fabricated ritual of five daily prayers and their exact, consistent methodology cannot be found in the Qur’an and all the books of Hadith combined.

Ø Restrictions upon women during their physiological cycles are man-made.

Ø Contrary to the Mullah claims, all Ahadith combined together fail to give us the tafseer (explanation) of even 5% of the Qur’an.

Ø The use of microphones in Masjids violates the ‘Sunnah’ and human rights.

Ø The Qur’an condemns only those who eat up usury and not the needy that are exploited to fall for it.

Ø Hijab and beard are Imamist and cultural traits. Even the enemies of the exalted prophet used to grow beards.

Ø That the food of the People of the Book except what has been expressly forbidden, such as pork, is Permissible.

Ø Digging out the Hadith La Talaqa Fil Ighlaaq (There is no divorce under duress. Ibn Majah). Divorce can take place only by following the Qur’anic procedure.

Ø Proving that the Battles of Jamal, Saffain and Karbala never took place.

Ø Highlighting that the Qur’an exempts from Saum (Abstinence, fasting) those who can undergo it with difficulty.

Ø That the Namaazis are the biggest violators of human rights. Please see: Who Contrived Namaaz?

Ø If the exalted prophet indeed married Zainab, how could she be the ‘mother of believers’ to Zaid who had once been her husband?

Ø Mount Sinai never crumbled into dust. It is still standing today.

Ø Wives are not tilths.

Ø Hajj is for the entire humanity and not for Muslims alone.

Ø What the real marriageable age is.

Ø And much more as you go along....... ISLAM: THE TRUE HISTORY AND FALSE BELIEFS.

Now we are hearing strongly affirmative echoes from all parts of the world, Al-Hamdulillah!

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