‘Corona virus, rarely a cause of death!’

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Mahmood Qaddus, Canada

‘Corona virus, rarely a cause of death!’

Post by Mahmood Qaddus, Canada »

Recently, I was awakened to a dramatic What’s App message along with a video link that was self-titled, ‘Corona virus, rarely a cause of death!’ by a hardcore proponent of the Flat Earth Society, one that adorns and embraces our forum from time to time.

This video link was unfortunately taken down by Facebook and the non-partisan Fact Checker Data was then presented in kind so it could merit a worthy read:

"False claim shared by President Trump that only 6% of CDC-reported deaths are from COVID-19 is based on flawed reasoning - Health Feedback"


Whilst I have my own views on specific aspects and stats concerning the corona virus, upon reading the aforementioned to my colleague today, it was swiftly summed up in the statement, “You know, I personally feel obliged to confirm that some people need to really seriously question their critical thinking skills that otherwise resemble that of a Lab Rodent.”

In retrospect, I think he is entitled to make such a strong point, whether we agree with the flavour of it or not.

jawaid ahmed

‘Corona virus, rarely a cause of death!’

Post by jawaid ahmed »

People see what they want to see. The Qur'an describes the deaf,dumb and blind to reason, for a reason, they do not think.

Covid invades body resulting in:

Damages the lungs leading to pneumonia which kills the person.

Damages the heart causing a heart attack and death.

Damages the blood vessels resulting in internal haemorrhaging and death.

Each of the above was the cause of the death but all as a result of covid.

Looking at CDC stats by those who see conspiracy, tyranny, cover ups, no covid, masks killing people like invasion of the killer tomatoes, etc. means you do not go past the first step of reading, resulting in the blind to reason and conspiracy; circle of self deceit completes itself.

Sidqi. Ca

‘Corona virus, rarely a cause of death!’

Post by Sidqi. Ca »

It's an international war against an unseen virus and human race will win as always.

Elon Musk the entrepreneur science genius of today said yesterday" soon there will be so much over production of vaccine that we wouldn't know what to do with it. ". I believe him.

I thank Jawaid Sahab who cleared ever spreading rumors.
Mahmood Qaddus

‘Corona virus, rarely a cause of death!’

Post by Mahmood Qaddus »

Good points - when I received that self-titled What’s App Video Link, ‘Corona virus, rarely a cause of death! I immediately had to ask myself, why would this individual nursing a heavily bruised ego send this to me and not on the forum where it belongs; where it can generate a healthy discussion and we can all learn from in a fair way? Anyway...

Btw, 'masks killing people like invasion of the killer tomatoes'

You certainly have a way with words, Lol!
jawaid ahmed

‘Corona virus, rarely a cause of death!’

Post by jawaid ahmed »

The latest lie is that they are giving it to the elderly so when they start dying from the vaccine they will say it is old age that killed them to cover it up!

I think these people should stop smoking that stuff they are legalising in the USA, it makes them brain dead but they realise not.

Denial of God, denial of facts, it is all the same to those who 'know it all' without evidence:

2:9 They wish to deceive God and those who have attained belief. But they deceive none but themselves and do not realize it! [Since reason is a faculty that has to be exercised and they have forsaken it, they are little aware of what opportunity of personal development they are missing. They live in a state of denial]

2:10 (This negative attitude) is a disease in their hearts, and God (His law) increases their disease. And for them is painful suffering, for, they [Their attitude reinforces itself according to the Law of Cause and Effect. The conflict between one’s word and action amounts to self-deception

2:11 When it is said to them, “Do not cause disruption in the land”, they assert, “We are but reformers, setting things right.”

2:12 Nay, it is they who are the disrupters. But they fail to use reason.
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