Interviews and concepts of Muhammad Shaikh

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Muhammad Rafi Karachi

Interviews and concepts of Muhammad Shaikh

Post by Muhammad Rafi Karachi »

He does not believe that the exalted Messenger is the last and final of Messenger. He also doubts that the exalted Messenger lies buried in Madinah.

He does not believe in traditions and the understanding of Quran in the historical perspective If anybody is interested he can see this latest interview in Canada where he has shifted following an assassination attempt in Karachi
Dr Shabbir, Florida

Interviews and concepts of Muhammad Shaikh

Post by Dr Shabbir, Florida »

I have known Muhammad Shaikh quite well. We lived in the same neighborhood at Kashmir Road, PECHS Karachi.

We briefly met only during our childhood until I moved to Liaquat Medical College, Jamshoro in 1963.

I would respectfully submit that Muhammad Shaikh is a deviated and confused man. He inserts words and his own 'purported', wishful and distorted meanings in the Aayaat of the Qur'an.

I have spoken to him quite a few times between 1990-2010. He never met Ahmed Deedat. 'Ma-Sha-Allah' he has four wives and his home remained a battleground pleasing &/or annoying to the neighbors :-) He was shot in the face probably in the 1990s but he keeps changing the story of the shooting.

Much more interesting stuff but I cannot type at length.
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