Face mask does not work

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Eva Jones, Canada

Face mask does not work

Post by Eva Jones, Canada »

A recent study shows that 99% of the masks people wear are not only useless for stopping coronavirus...

They may actually be the reason they get it in the first place.

Most masks have huge GAPS that make them useless for filtering your air.

Even worse...

When you breathe in, those gaps create vortexes that suck polluted air straight into your lungs.
jawaid ahmed

Face mask does not work

Post by jawaid ahmed »

Even surgical masks, you know the one's worn by surgeons when they do operations, have to be fitted properly and are not 100% effective, but they still wear them!!!!!!

90% effective for covid is better than ZERO. If there are big gaps in masks , how big are the gaps when you have no mask?

About as big as the empty one between the ears of some!
Aarun UK Truther

Face mask does not work

Post by Aarun UK Truther »

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