Covid Is Not The Threat

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Paul Craig Roberts, USA

Covid Is Not The Threat

Post by Paul Craig Roberts, USA »

Paul Craig Roberts

Covid is a real virus. It is a threat to a small minority of the population—primarily people with poor immune systems and comorbidities.

There are inexpensive ways of boosting immune systems with supplements, such as zinc, vitimans C and D3, Beta Glucan, and NAC. But public health officials have not educated the public about the value of supplements in the Covid battle. The reason is that so-called public health officials are shills for Big Pharma’s profits, and Big Pharma regards good immune systems as a hindrence to profits.

There are also two effective, safe, and inexpensive cures for Covid. One is the combination of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), azithromycin, and zinc. The other is the combination of ivermectin, azithromycin, and zinc.


The use of these known cures has been blocked by public health officials, such as Tony Fauci of the National Institute of Health. Again, the reason is Big Pharma’s profits. The use of these effective cures negates the profit opportunity of a new vaccine.

So many have died by denying treatment while we wait for a vaccine that some experts worry will be more dangerous than Covid— .

Keeping Covid alive as a threat serves other harmful purposes. As I wrote on November 13, the main threat from Covid is not the disease— . When Covid subsides as a threat, the increased powers of government over citizens will remain.

In Europe and in parts of the US, it is clear that the people understand that the lockdowns and mask rules are a bigger threat to them than Covid. In Germany there have been mass protests, which are spreading elsewhere in Europe— .

Klaus Madersbacher says Germans have memories of where the use of arbitrary power leads. Unlike the American “anti-fascist” Antifa and BLM movements which conduct kristallnachts against white businesses, a real anti-fascist movement in Germany fights against the lockdown:

In Huntington Beach, California, there were protests early Sunday morning against the Democrat governor’s curfew— .

Sheriffs in five California counties with a population of 17,250,000 people refuse to enforce the nutty governor’s curfew .

Even the police, who welcome any excuse to exercise power, are backing away from enforcing ineffective but intrusive Covid rules. Just as the California sheriffs are declining, the police chief in Leipzig, Germany, said that there is no point in using the police to fight a pandemic.

The only reason that the “pandemic” continues is that Western public health officials are financially tied in one way or another with Big Pharma, and public health officials are using their positions in the interest of these financial connections.
jawaid ahmed

Covid Is Not The Threat

Post by jawaid ahmed »

More BS about hydroxychloroquine.

Covid kills 1% of those who contract it, 1% of UK pop of 65 million is 650,000 if you do not put public health measures in place. Good price to pay for taking meds without any proof and big pharma might not like it in your opinion, but nobody anywhere likes it either, especially those that have actually done the research on it.

Is wearing a mask, washing hands and social distancing a civil rights issue? What about wearing a body bag when your dead from it?

My Qur'an says do not backbite or spread rumours, especially without evidence, it is like eating the flesh of your dead brother.

So please, keep the BS without evidence to yourself.
badar habib us

Covid Is Not The Threat

Post by badar habib us »

The aim of the bullshitters is mixing up the truth and lies in the same package and challenging the reader to separate one from the other. In the end everything becomes a big pile of ‘nonsense’.
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